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He’s uncovered a shining pearl in the slums of London!

English aristocrat Richard meets George in a London slum when he catches the boy stealing. Richard can tell from the boy’s accent that he doesn’t truly belong there, though. Did he run away from home or get kidnapped? Richard decides to take him back home. But after the boy is given a bath, Richard is shocked to find that George is actually a beautiful girl! She confesses that she’s on the run after being forced to marry to pay off her uncle’s debts. Richard finds himself drawn to her…but can he save her?

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The One that connected them all. 5  5

The hero nearly has his confidential nationwide secret papers pickpocketed by a street urchin. The story is set in 1815 during a battle between France and Britain for European Supremacy. The hero is British Intelligence and he notices something is amiss with the urchin’s manner of speech being too proper as well as his teeth in too good condition to be from the slums. The hero quickly surmises that his urchin is a young woman (our heroine). The heroine pulls the lie about being a maid but after repeated interrogations from the hero from bathroom to bed is that she is in fact a Lady on the run. After her parents’ deaths, she was placed under the guardianship of her uncle who not only stole her inheritance but attempted to “marry” her off to a man who gave her the chills to cover his gambling debts. The hero opens up too about his dedication to his mission is to hunt for the very man introduced his beloved cousin to opium and it’s addiction. The poor man ended up dying in the slums. Then an attempt is made on the heroine’s life, leading them to the discovery that there’s a connection between them. Apparently, the man who gave the heroine the chills is the very man who introduced the hero’s cousin to opium. He also supposed to be the other inheritor to the heroine’s great aunt’s fortune. Yet, Auntie found out about his bad habits and wrote him out. So, he targeted the heroine in order to get the funds to pay Napoleon. Apparently, our antagonist is a fallen French Noble who’s trying to get back to being high society instead of a fallen noble since the French Revolution and English High Society treated him as an outcast. Our Villain manages to kidnap the heroine and attempts to turn her into an addict. However, the hero and his right hand both save the heroine and kill the villain. Next, we have our confessions of love, but the hero has to go back to fight Napoleon. The heroine waits for the hero till she can no longer wait after it’s been confirmed the war is over. So, she goes incognito to find the hero. We get a lovely reunion and an adorable ending of the hero and heroine’s marriage and their newborn baby boy. We also learn in the epilogue they’ve opened their home to war orphans.

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