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She’s just an ordinary girl, but fate has extraordinary plans for her…

Elizabeth Partridge lives a humble life working as a full-time nurse. In a rush to get to work one morning, she accidentally bumps her bicycle into someone and is surprised when he simply smiles and forgives her. Later, she finds out he is Alexander van Zeust, a Dutch medical professor who is temporarily working at her hospital. One day, Alexander’s sister is brought to the hospital in need of emergency surgery. While his sister is recovering, Alexander asks Beth if she would watch his sister’s children for a week. But one week turns into longer and Beth soon finds herself attached to both the kids and the doctor!

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The story had some ups and downs with great Dutch hero and a British doormat Betty Neels’ heroine. I mean the amount of stuff she let go was ridiculous. I don’t mean getting away from her evil half-brother and his other half because sometimes you need to cut that crud out of your life no matter what. It was spoiling her younger brother who acknowledged he knew was taking of advantage of his sister’s kindness as well as character. I mean for goodness sakes!! We see it in the first 50 pages where the heroine is giving her brother 5 pounds, which by today’s equivalent currency amount should equal around 85 pounds. *Note: I did see the comment where it says it would have been 250 by today.* The woman has surrendered every pence she’s scrounged up every time her brother asks for money for the past five years and the only thing he’s ever done is pay half his rent???!!!! That just irritates me the living daylights out of me because it’s the only thing he does; lives the life of a college student without care. An adult who doesn’t do his laundry, pay for groceries, does chores, or even pick up after himself. He just leeches on his sister. What’s worse is when he ropes his sister into babysitting his supervisor (the hero)’s nieces and nephew during her long awaited if not much needed vacation in order to get in the guy’s good books without her consent. This guy butters her up with how she’ll paid, acting like babysitting three kids is a walk in the park. The guy needs to do some volunteer work and see the amount of effort it takes to CARE for KIDS eight hours per day. Plus, he can give up his own vacation if he wants to get into the hero’s good graces. He goes on about how he thought she deserves a break and he WISHES he could be independent. Boy! If you wish to be independent then start by actually cleaning up after yourself then not asking your sister for money that’s equivalent to a month’s of Dutch Bro’s coffee. It was actually this boy’s immaturity and selfishness that put the hero in a way better light. He actually asks the heroine if she’s okay with accepting the job, not mincing the amount of work the job requires. The heroine accepts after learning mom recovering from post-surgery, and dad is stuck working in China. The heroine immediately takes to the kids and vice versa. The hero becomes her shining knight in armor from engaging her in wonderful conversations to saving her poor abused horses from her vile half-brother’s “care”. I would have called animals rights all over him if the organization were not still in its infancy back in the 1960’s. The guy moves fast in his “wooing” by courting her with kisses & buying her expensive dresses. However, she still has the insecurity complex and misunderstanding that he’s already taken. Then the kids’ mom recovers and they go on vacation with the heroine brought along. The eldest boy gets himself into a tight spot on a cliff with the heroine trying to help him but ends up getting stuck herself too. Then along comes the hero who saves them both and scolds the boy. Now, the boy thinks the heroine snitched on him and starts misbehaving heavily to the heroine’s confusion. He even goes as far as taking his younger sisters out on their yacht during a storm. The non-swimmer heroine doggy-paddles to help the frightened kids & they manage to make to land safely by crashing the yacht. Again, the boy lays blame on the heroine and his mother believes him. The woman fires the heroine angrily and the heroine allows it because she wants to protect the nephew from getting into any more trouble. Once the nephew finds out, his huge guilt pushes him into confessing his lies. The hero tells him the heroine didn’t snitch and the boy breaks down in tears, apologizing for the terrible things he’s done. Now, the hero’s sister feels guilty for unjustly firing the poor heroine and the hero goes after the heroine because he always believed in her in the first place. The hero beats the heroine to her home and tells her what happened. Then he confesses his love, which was actually was a pretty good confession. He asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes. We see the end where both nephew and his mother apologize to the heroine.

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