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I can’t mess up again… So please don’t seduce me!

Art expert Grace Turner has been summoned by Khalis Tannous to appraise the late Balkri Tannous’s private art collection. What awaits Grace is countless stolen masterpieces, as well as two unpublished works of art by Leonardo da Vinci! Grace is excited by what may be the century’s biggest art discovery, but she feels uneasy around the shockingly gorgeous and unexpectedly kind Khalis. His body reminds her of Michelangelo’s David, and his charm tempts her like Leda with Zeus. But Grace cannot make a mistake… After all, she is under surveillance by her evil ex-husband!

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3.5 The hero to the rescue 4  4

The hero’s father has recently passed (no love lost there) but it’s made the hero have to return to his nightmare: the island where he grew up and escaped but where his sister died. In the father’s collection is some extremely valuable if not rare artwork that needs an art appraiser to check if they’re authentic. This is where the heroine comes in to check and things go from there. The two are attracted to each other and they connect at a deeper emotional understanding. The hero’s father was a real tyrant in both business and family, so bad the hero escaped and left behind his sister who begged him to take her with him. Then she died and he’s felt immense guilt ever since. The heroine reveals she’s divorced and still under the thumb of her micromanaging obsessive sociopath of an ex-husband. The poor woman fell for his charm until he revealed his true colors after the ink on their marriage dried. He obsessively controlled every aspect of her and their child. He wouldn’t even let her take care of their sick child and in her moment of utter despair, she got a hug from the sympathetic Gardner. Yet, it turned out to be the worst thing ever because a picture was taken by one of the husband’s cronies and he used it as the “evidence” of the heroine’s “infidelity”. Now, the heroine can barely talk to the opposite sex lest she loses her monthly visitation rights to her daughter and this has been going on for years. When the hero finds out about it, he hatches a scheme. They made an appearance together to get the ex-husband’s attention who wastes no time in cornering the heroine alone, pulling his usual intimidation tactic. The hero makes his appearance, infuriating the Ex so much that he strikes the hero hard in front of the video recorder. The hero reveals to the man that he’s on camera and the runs away. With the video recording and the hero using his father’s tyrannical reputation has the Ex’s lawyers ready to sign whatever paper the hero wants them to sign. He has them make the Ex relinquish his parental rights, giving the heroine full custody as well as a contract of very little contact. The little girl is all ready to go live with her mom since her dad barely gives her the time of day. The man was only using her as the dangling carrot to her mother. We get a happy ending with a themed wedding and a joyful family of three.

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