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She swore she’d never fall in love again…until her whole world was turned upside down!

Veronica swore that she wouldn’t fall in love again after she was betrayed. Then Leonardo appeared before her with news that she’d inherited a villa on the isle of Capri. She’s extremely confused until her mother informs her that the deceased man was her father! Veronica goes to Capri to see the villa at the insistence of her mother, and there she is reunited with Leonardo…and has to try her best to ignore his irresistible charm!

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It was all good until.... 4  4

The story is good. The plot and the drawing is quite good until it said the naby moved at the age of 3 months.... Unless that is an alien baby, no human baby is able to move that early. So disappointing. Lack of research. Can't believe you call yourself a writer

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3.5 Nice, a little disappointed in the parents 4  4

How I’m going to do this review is giving the viewer the backstories to our main couple and then leading to the current timeline. Our heroine was raised by a single mom and had no idea who her father was. As time went on, she became renowned as a physical therapist and even hired for the Winter Olympics. It’s there she encountered the hero who made a positive impression when he defended her honor as a couple of jerks made inappropriate sexual comments about her. Then she met her rich high society family fiancée and thought it was all a dream come true. That is until the man died in a car accident, thus revealing his infidelity. His snobby mother with her rose-tinted glasses laid blame on the heroine for “failing” to keep her “darling” son happy. It’s because if the man was unhappy then he was cheating; the cruel woman couldn’t live with the idea that her baby cherub-faced boy was a two-timing cheat. What’s worse this whole event was plastered across global newspapers and the internet. It caused the heroine to create a shell around herself and opening a physiotherapy clinic together with her mother. Moving on, we have the hero who lost his parents at an early age. Yet, his older sister and him had a family friend who was like a second father to them. He grew into an Olympic Skier till an accident permanently grounded him and then became a world-wide businessman. Now, he’s come to the heroine little clinic to inform her of his father figure’s passing because he’s her biological father who left her his house that’s next to the hero’s home. In a matter of hours, the heroine learns; her biological father died, he was married when her mother and him got together, and he’s left her an inheritance but not a letter. The woman loves her mom but has a hard time facing her as a woman due to being betrayed by dead fiancée. The spoiler later revealed in the night, it was matter of timing and circumstances. It turns out both the heroine’s parents were at their lowest point in their lives: mom lost the love of her life and had no family to rely on and father found out his comatose wife’s condition wasn’t going to get better and she was his only family. They were just emotionally worn down and needed an outlet. It wasn’t right but it doesn’t make them bad people and we got a wonderful person like the heroine as a result. Although, in my opinion, I wasn’t entirely happy with their decision to never contact each other again even after the father found out about the heroine’s existence. I understand wanting to avoid a piece of your past that makes you feel ashamed, but this isn’t about you. It’s about your child who wants to know where is their Dad. The heroine actually had a father who wanted to be a part of her life, but couldn’t because of a promise. Would it be hard for the heroine to understand why her parents weren’t together? No doubt about it; yet, at least she would have them both in her life. So, the heroine goes to the island to see her inheritance and trying to figure out the man who declared himself as her father but never made any attempt to contact her till after his death as well as why he had a one night stand with her mother when he was still devoted to his comatose wife. Our heroine and hero quickly develop a romance, despite the heroine’s fears of being hurt again. However, she’s once again hurt when she overhears about the hero wanting to get her newly inherited villa. The hero figures out pretty quickly that she overheard his conversation but they don’t see each other for the next three months. During that time, the heroine finds out she’s pregnant, learns the spoiler from earlier, finds out her name was actually given by her father, and reconnects with her mother. Finally, the hero makes his appearance since all his attempts to connect with the heroine have been cut off. He admits he wanted the villa at first but changed to buy it for her, so she can avoid paying the heavy inheritance tax. Next, he takes her to her father’s friend who gives her a portrait of a saint she was named after with her face in the portrait. The old man recounts a conversation he had with the father about the heroine. The father talks about learning of the heroine’s tragedy and how he wishes he could be there to support her in her hour of need. Yet, unable to because it would break the promise. Along with the hero’s speech, the heroine finally comes to the realization as well as closure in tears that her biological father did love her. The hero pulls her in for a huge hug and confesses his love for her. Suddenly, the baby moves and the heroine slips out her pregnancy. The hero’s reaction was one of the betters. We skip to their wedding day and have a nice ending but no baby.

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