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How long will I live with these unrequited feelings?

Aurora came from a small village in Sicily to Rome for a hotel training program. The millionaire hotel owner, Nico, was the man she grew up with and the love of her life. Five years ago, she had willingly given her virginity to him, but her feelings remained unrequited. Now she sees Nico hasn’t changed and her heart starts to waver. But the desire is still there, and despite knowing he will never love her back, she ends up sharing a bed with him once again!

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Our heroine and hero are childhood friends who grew up in the same little hometown. The hero lived a rough household where his father was an abusive alcoholic who chased him out of home into the cold winter streets. And every time, the heroine’s father would look for him, take back to his house where his wife and daughter (heroine) would welcome him with open arms. However, the hero never saw the love he received from the heroine’s family and struck out on his own to make himself a millionaire. After he became rich and famous, he hires the heroine as a trainee for a hotel he’s building in their hometown. Her down to earth homely ways clashes with his cold exterior but their passion is only reigniting. They quickly fall back into bed but their passion is cut short when the hero notified of his father’s passing. The heroine meets him at his father’s funeral where he pours out everything, even his long-awaited plan to fully sever his connection with his hometown. The shocked heroine asks why when he received love from her family who only gave it because they loved him for him. The hero denies ever loving anybody and the heroine takes his statement as a sign to distance herself. In the span of a few months, the heroine figures she’s pregnant and its discovered by her parents who demand to know the identity of the father. When the heroine refuses, her father disowns and kicks her out of their house and family. She hands in her resignation and completely disappears off the face of the earth. Once the hero returns, he finds the heroine missing and either nobody knows or nobody will talk. The only thing the hero does do is hand in a missing person’s report. After months of nothing, he gets a call in the late night that the heroine is at the police station. It turns out she was a live-in nanny who saw her boss being beaten by her husband. The heroine tried to stop the man, but he struck her and it made enough ruckus for the police to come in and arrest him. The hero is notified and sees the pregnant heroine. Once the man hugs her, he finally realizes he was never alone and was loved because of the heroine and her family. After the hero takes her home, he has her and then pampered for an evening out where he comes in with a large bouquet of roses. He goes on about wanting to do things right since she’s pregnant with his child. He spent the day traveling to her family’s home to ask for her father’s blessing (proclaiming he got his daughter pregnant out of wedlock). We have a heart to heart pour out between the two. Love is exchange, proposals are made and accepted. Next, we skip a month to their baby boy’s birth. Finally, we have their wonderful wedding. It was a nice ending.

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