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A passionate kiss from a wealthy Greek man. What was he thinking?

Andreas, the heir to a wealthy family, is introduced to Isla, his father’s new housekeeper. Attracted by her beauty and reserved demeanor, he is swept away by passion and kisses her. A year and a half later, Andreas is surprised to learn that his father is getting married again. But he’s dismayed when he finds out Isla is the bride-to-be. He rushes to his father’s house to see Isla, but why can’t she look Andreas straight in the eye?

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The Fake GD Theme 3  3

As my title says, the theme of this story is the “Fake GD”. You know when the good girl plays the mistress or fresh piece for the aging senior male citizen. She endures all the harassment from the nasty relatives and even from our male lead. Usually, they have ridiculous reasons for the whole charade but the story actually gave a really good reason as to why his housekeeper/late lover’s daughter has to play the “fiancée”: to keep the family business and family from being torn apart by rival businesses. Here’s the backstory to the whole thing: hero’s parents were in a contract marriage but the man barely paid attention to his family, focusing on expanding the business. Until he met the heroine’s single mother and began an affair. They were so committed that he planned to leave his family to be with the heroine’s mom until the hero declared if the father left then the 12-year old hero would disown him. It was quite an emotional confrontation but the hero’s words actually stopped the father from leaving. There was no interaction between these families until after the wife died. The father went to find his lover but learned from the heroine that she had already passed. The heroine needed a job and the father gave her the housekeeper job. Everything was fine till the father discovered he was terminally ill. Now, the average option is to inform the family members to spend time and make memories, while their dying loved one is with them. Of course, that’s not going to happen with the father. We have to remember this man’s communication and expression of love is eschewed with a business mind. He knows if he shows a whiff of weakness then the business sharks come in. He wants to protect his family as well as not ruin his daughter’s up and coming birthday party. And yet, his idea is to throw his beloved woman’s daughter who knows everything about his current situation and why into his family’s line of fire. Nor can I leave how miserable his daughter will feel about having "daddy's new toy" crashing her birthday party. The man couldn’t think for a minute of how his own children would feel about being kept in the dark of his troubles, to have the lover’s child know everything, and etc. Oh! I forgot to mention the hero and his younger sister have no idea the heroine is actually their father’s late lover’s daughter a.k.a the homewrecker’s child. However, this happens in the course of 24-hours since the hero and hero’s interaction: hero learns of the heroine’s identity, father’s illness, the whole charade, has coitus with the heroine, and is informed the father suddenly croaked. Things only become worse at the reading of the will when its contents have the heroine included. The sister accuses the heroine of needling herself in and despite the heroine’s claims of defense, it looks like the hero believes his sister’s words. It says specifically in the will that the heroine and hero have to live together for a month. That condition is put on hold because as the father mentioned, rival companies start targeting the family company. The hero spends the next year fighting to keep the company together. During that whole chaos, the heroine discovered her pregnancy and planned to never tell the heroine. Her plan changed when she delivered their son three months early, endangering both their lives. Watching her child fight to live in the incubator caused her to think of what would happen to her son if she died. So, she goes along with the whole will condition. So, imagine the hero’s surprise when she appears with a child, declaring he’s their son. As usual, the hero accuses the heroine of fraud and she gives him a thorough verbal comeback. We get some explanations exchanged and it ends with the hero asking for a trial period from the heroine to prove he wants to be involved in their son’s life. The heroine agrees to the idea; yet, the hero is already planning to botch the whole thing up. He wants to get a DNA test and without the heroine’s knowledge or consent because he went through something like it in the past where it was discovered he was not the father. Those with common sense already know his DNA plan will backfire heavily on him. And it’s too bad since the guy was working so hard in learning how to bathe and bottle feed his baby boy as well as wooing the heroine. Here’s the ironic part of how his little DNA secret came out; he babbled it to his heroine-hating sister Apparently, he told the sister everything like the marriage, the son, and his DNA plan. The same sister who still held felt a lot of hatred against the heroine for the misunderstanding, plus having a closer relationship to her father than she did. So, she marches right over to the heroine and reveals the hero’s whole plan. The sister believes whether the heroine leaves or not, she’ll still be portrayed as an evil woman. The heroine leaves anyway since the hero betrayed her trust. The man manages to find the heroine and son over a week later, looking weary and worn. The heroine doesn’t trust him. Until he tears up the unopened letter with the DNA test results and throws it into the fire. He opens up about his past with the OW who claimed to be carrying his child. He pours out his heart to the heroine, confessing his love for her. The heroine accepts his love and gives her love for him. We skip to the wedding where the sister who’s been humbled by her father’s letter that explained everything (and probably the hero’s wailing) apologizes to the heroine for her past actions. The wedding ends with the bride and groom sharing a kiss, while hugging their son.

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