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His kindness might be pity, but I can’t stop these feelings for my bodyguard…

Bestselling author Molly Alexander is rescued by Dare Macintosh, a professional mercenary, after she’s kidnapped and tortured by a mysterious group of assailants. After seeing how trustworthy and dependable he is, Molly decides to hire Dare to be her personal bodyguard until they find the culprit behind her abduction. Every night, Molly has nightmares of the incident, but Dare cannot offer her any comfort. Dare has a strict rule to never mix business with pleasure, but this time he has the strong urge to do more than just protect this beautiful woman from danger…

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3.5 A good little suspense romance 4  4

The storyline was good, the development and pace were okay but a little short on making the 4-star mark. Our heroine was held hostage by the cartel in what looked like human trafficking. The odd thing was she was the only one who was beaten up on a daily basis. All she could figure her with her limited Spanish is that they were paid to “teach her a lesson”. This means someone paid for her kidnapping. The good news is one of the hostages has a big brother with very resourceful friends like the good guys from “Taken”. The sister directs the hero/friend to the heroine who asks him to take her to a motel. Not to the police station or a hospital where family members can be notified, but a motel. Once they’ve rested, refreshed, and re-energized, the heroine hires the hero as her bodyguard and investigator in discovering who orchestrated her kidnapping. The heroine relays her tale of how she was kidnapped and what she learned from the kidnappers. She brings up her two possible suspects: her domestic abuser of a father and her cheating gold-digging EX. The hero brings the heroine to his place and has her settle in comfortable with his friend who is a major fan of the heroine’s novels. Yes, the heroine is a romance novelist and why would that be a problem? According to her micromanaging father whose violence drove her poor mother to suicide has never approved of her work, especially with how realistic she describes her domestic abuser characters. The EX was after the heroine for her money as well as her fame. Then they have to widen the pool of suspects when they bring in some haters of the heroine’s novels. As the story goes along, the heroine leans on the hero as she recovers from the trauma. I liked how they were developing a relationship before the bed. We find out they crossed out the EX because 1) he’s already got a sugar mama paying for his bills & 2) his personality shows he wouldn’t waste money to plan a kidnapping. Next, they hit one of their obstacles that causes the heroine to separate from the hero. I was worried about the heroine burying her trauma of being kidnapped and tortured from her loved ones. She seems fine, but still was worrying. Finally, we come to the climax of discovering the mastermind. And………………….I’m not going to say who! I’d hate to spoil this little mystery, but it’s really good. Of course, the hero swoops in to save the day and the culprit is arrested. Our main couple confess their love for each other and the ending is having them join their loved ones for a peaceful barbecue. A nice little ending.

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