Historical Romance JESSE'S WIFE

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I want to know his true feelings. I want our relationship to be real!

Amy is an inconspicuous woman who has never been with a man. At a party, a handsome man named Whitaker propositions her, but he’s only interested in taking her fortune and her chastity! She is rescued by her childhood friend Jesse, but they are discovered alone together by the village gossipmonger! Amy’s father advises her to marry Whitaker to avoid any rumors, but Jesse offers to marry her to redeem her honor instead. Amy hesitates, but Jesse tells her, "Don’t worry. I won’t ever yearn for you…"

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adorable, yes and Clumsy too. 5  5

Couple of spoilers for everyone in case they don’t want to read further and spoil the whole plot. 1) There will be no BBV (Bed Before Vows), this couple actually works on Communication before Consummation. And it’s good enough for me because I need a refresher. 2) They’re easily relatable in their struggles. 3) I enjoyed it and I hope any who buy or rent will too. We move onto the Spoilers: I had to do something real digging on this one because they didn’t give an exact date. It’s set in Texas of the United States among the cattle ranchers. The heroine’s dress narrowed it down to maybe 1850-1900 based on its design and then we have a couple of phrases like how the OM is from a noble family who lost everything in a war 24 years ago. So, tried a google search of wars from 1800 to 1850. And I cross matched it with anything from British because I assume since the heroine used the word, “noble” that he might have come from England. Unfortunately, my amateur sleuthing could only take me so far. I couldn’t figure out if it which one of the 10 wars Britain fought between 1800 to 1850 that would have had 24 year gap would have caused an English nobleman to lose his fortunes. Moving on, the heroine is lured away by this “nobleman” by his honeyed words and sweet gestures, forgetting the major etiquette taboos she’s committing by walking off UNCHAPERONED with an non biologically related bachelor. After they are alone, the man tries to force himself on her as a means of getting her rich dowry. Thankfully, one of the ranch hands and a close friend of the heroine’s who harbors a one-sided love for her comes to her rescue. He throws the jerk into the pond, puts his coat over the heroine’s shaking disheveled shoulders, and attempts to quietly take her home since her appearance would send the gossipers’ tongues wagging. Unfortunately, a rival rancher spies upon them and alerts the whole community of their untidy appearance. In order to save the heroine’s reputation, they have shotgun wedding for the hero and heroine with both parties’ consent. After the wedding, our couple travel to their little cabin for their honeymoon. However, the hero has it instilled in his brain that he doesn’t deserve the heroine and shouldn’t touch her any “intimate” way. The guy puts her bed and she kind of has to figure out what martial relationships are in the bedroom by herself!! Her mother barely told her what a man’s “pickle” is and where it goes without stuttering, hahahahaha!!!!! The woman just left it to the hero to explain the birds and the bees. Next, is what I loved with the heroine struggling with house chores from cooking because there was no Betty Crocker how-to cookbook. The poor thing just feels miserable from failing to impress the hero and all. Yet, what I loved is the hero continually giving her positive reinforcement from encouraging to keep trying and scarfing down the burnt steak and rock textured biscuits. And I also loved is how the heroine helped the hero open up about feeling ashamed for being illiterate and how she returned it with positive reinforcement by being his teacher. Just watching this bond build was really relaxing to me. The only sad part is both are under the impression the other doesn’t love them. When they’re finally making some progress, their barn catches on fire. It turns out to be an evil ploy set by the noble OM to trap and kill the hero. He has deluded himself into he’s doing a chivalrous act for the heroine. He’ll even take bereaving heroine who, “must have been so upset to marry a ranch hand” as his wife. The arrogant fool reveals all this to the heroine who gives him a great wallop to the chin, throws a water drenched blanket over herself, and dashes into the burning building to save the hero. In the heat of the moment and literally in the heat, the heroine confesses her love to the hero as she hauls him away from flames and smoke. After the OM is arrested by Sheriff, we get more confessions of love between the hero and heroine. In the end, the hero plays to “teach” the heroine the birds and the bees. No epilogue with the kids but still pretty good ending.

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