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In the depths of despair, I met a beautiful but lonely angel.

Gideon, a surgeon, is overwhelmed by the pressure of raising his twins as a single father. He works tirelessly to support them, but the exhaustion finally catches up with him and he collapses. When he wakes up, nurse Nadia encourages him and helps him to recover. As Gideon witnesses her devoted nursing, he gradually develops feelings for her, but Nadia refuses to get close to anyone…

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Break out the Fuzzy Blankets and Cocoa 5  5

Oh My Golly!!! I fell hard for this harlequin couple who carry heavy burdens and scars; yet, they still manage to have big hearts. Our hero has been through the wringer, the grinder, and the life’s rock crusher. He got married to this wonderful woman and enjoyed this marriage till they decided to have kids. They found out after months of painful fertility treatments that his wife was unable to carry a child. The news sent her off the deep end with the only hope of ever having a child fell on hiring a surrogate. Both of them agreed to hire surrogate who got pregnant with their twins. However, the wife’s mental instability only became worse with her refusing their children when the surrogate became pregnant. She disappeared, leaving only divorce papers for the hero to sign. The surrogate delivered the twins dangerously at 26 weeks. So, our poor doctor hero has been thrown into the horrible situation of his wife leaving him and their preemie children and the surrogate refusing to donate her breast milk to the preemie babies she carried. I want to take this moment to stop and focus on the term, “Donate breast milk,”. I have never heard of the term and I thought to look it up to see if it was true. Sure enough, it’s all over the worlds with small organizations designed to find anyone who’s willing to donate their breastmilk for a preemie baby or any baby with a certain health issue like cancer because that breast milk helps give them a fighting chance. This is pretty amazing. Back to the story: So in between being a doctor, accepting his wife’s abandonment of their family, and being a rock to his little babies; the poor hero is practically running on gas fumes. Then in comes our savior for the next couple of months: the heroine!!! She becomes the hero’s rock by keeping him fed, giving him emotional support, and more. Although, the woman immediately withdraws when he tries to repay her with meals and such. He doesn’t give up and they grow closer and closer to the point they find themselves in love with each other. The story leaves little hints of the heroine’s past from the heroine admitting to having a baby but something happened to it to the heroine nearly being “TAKEN” by the ghosts of her past. She’s able to escape thanks to her neighbor and runs straight to the hero. By then, the hero has already figured out the heroine has been hiding something and is ready to listen/help her. The story this poor gal shares is a tear-jerker. The sixteen-year-old heroine was under the impression that her father had made a deal with some guy to be his wife in return for money that would pay her brother’s education. Unfortunately, the whole thing turned out to be a pack of lies after the wedding. She didn’t get MARRIED but got SOLD to a prostitution ring. During her imprisonment, she became pregnant but lost the baby involuntarily. Once she was finally able to escape, she got a nursing degree and went into hiding. She’s too afraid to fight but the hero is right there. He cries over her misfortune and declares he’ll help her and get those men arrested. Within minutes, he sends the police to the very goons who were coming to take the heroine arrested. The heroine prepares to leave since she believes that she’s not worthy of the hero. He objects and gives this glorious speech about how he loves the heroine for her and all of her. He confesses his love for the heroine and asks her to marry him. She professes her love for the hero and says yes. They have a small civil ceremony. I loved the how the hero approached the heroine on their wedding night. He’s patient since he knows any sexual intercourse, she’s had has only been rape. Once she’s ready, he makes their intercourse a spectacular one. In the end, we see them enjoy a wonderful walk with the healthy and happy twins. I was so happy for these two to have found each other. Just hearing their stories made me want to get out the fluffy blankets to wrap around them and give them steaming large mugs of cocoa with puffy marshmallows in it. It was a great story.

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