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I thought I had given up on love, but I still had hope in you.

After the death of her adoptive mother, Kate reluctantly returns to her hometown for the first time in six years. Once there, Kate’s heart is shaken by an unexpected reunion with sexy Gideon, her first crush and now a father of two young children. Touched by Gideon’s kindness, Kate feels her wounded heart opening to the same passion she felt back then. But though the reunion is sweet, it also brings back immense pain…

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It was sweet. 4  4

Our heroine grew up in a harsh background till she fell into the warm loving arms of her adoptive mother. She grows healthy in mind and body, falling for the popular hero with a big heart. He unfortunately gets married to another woman right around the time the heroine finds out she can’t have children. It was heartbreaking for her to see friends getting married and having kids that she left their little home and became a national spokesman. Although, successful in her career, she wasn’t making progress in the love department. She suffered another hurtful heartbreak when she confessed, practically opened her heart out to her fiancée about her infertility. The man dumped her with last words about her being defective woman and what nonsense. Years pass and the heroine receives word from her foster sister that her adoptive mom died. She travels back home to sort things out, attend the funeral, and more. During this time, she runs into the widowed hero who holds some resentment towards her for not coming back to visit the mother. However, as he talks with her, he sees there’s a difference between what his wife would say (not a bad person, but not really seeing the whole picture) to what he sees now. As the heroine spends time in her hometown, she learns a number of things: 1) wife didn’t die from sickness but from suicide as the result of her depression added on with postpartum depression, 2) wife is still irreplaceable, and 3) not everything looks perfect underneath the surface. She also babysits the hero’s girls, developing a closer relationship with the hero as she comforts him with the fact he’s doing his best against the odds both past and present. He does the same when she opens up about her past of drug addicted mom and abusive stepdad. Then we run into the big obstacle: babies. The heroine sees her foster sister’s newborn, bringing up painful reminders. For example, hurting over how the hero was able to share this moment with his wife and how she can’t do what they could. So, she ends the relationship with the hero without an explanation and just leaves. The hero lets her go until the foster sister tells him about the heroine’s infertility and when it was discovered. The hero is able to put two and two together. Then he travels to the heroine’s flat, surprising at her front door. He talks to her about her infertility then gives her a scrapbook made by her adoptive mother for her. It’s all about her and even had a letter from the mother to the heroine about being a mother has nothing to do with blood relations, it has to do with the love you pour onto a child. She goes on about how happy she was to be the heroine’s mother, raise and support her. The ink words from the mother finally give the heroine the push to break down the walls, let the tears flow, and realize she can be a mother. The hero holds her as she cries, confessing his love for her. She opens up over the details of what led to her infertility and it’s the reason why the last guy left. The hero opens up on previously thinking he would never find another woman till he reunited with the heroine. He says he only wants the heroine for herself and proposes marriage. The heroine accepts and we get a sweet ending of the two making plans for a wedding with their daughters. The whole thing was just so sweet and I really enjoyed it.

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