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I was fascinated by his true self, hidden deep beneath his crude attitude…

When Mia first met her ex-military neighbor, Frisco, she was drawn to his handsome face and clear blue eyes. But she was soon turned off by his deliberately rough and provoking attitude. Despite that, she feels compelled to help him when she sees how hard he works to take care of his young niece. As Mia begins to see the softer side of Frisco, she’s drawn to him again and hopes to uncover the reason behind the darkness in his eyes…

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4.5 Definitely enjoyable. 5  5

Our hero is a man of action, a Marine who has done many dangerous missions. His last one sadly got him shot in the knee, thus ending his military career. It’s a huge blow to soul because being a SEAL has been his identity where he felt he could do something meaningful. He’s become lost and despondent since losing that job/purpose. It’s at his lowest point is when he’s introduced to the heroine. She was under the impression the hero was an old man rather than a young man. It only gets worse when she smells booze on him, the after effect and decides not to get involved with him. That’s until she witnesses an exchange between the hero and his sister. Apparently, the sister is leaving her four-year-old daughter with the hero as she goes into alcoholic Rehab from a car crash (Spoiler: She’s actually also in there for drug and in hiding from a drug dealer who she stole a good $50,000). However, she needs the hero to watch over her daughter, his niece. The hero tries his best but the man is at a loss on how to care for a little four year old girl who hasn’t been taught house rules like don’t wander off to the beach without an adult. Luckily, the heroine is there to help teach him what to do. She sees he has a heart of Gold, merely hidden by his rough edges. The three of them spend time together and grow closer. Suddenly trouble appears in the form of the drug dealer who’s come take the little girl away as leverage to make the mother pay for stealing from him. The hero fights the man, but with his wounded leg, the crook overpowers him. Luckily, their fight is alerted to the police who scare the man off for the moment. They try to hide out long enough for the police to catch the guy; however, the man captures both heroine and niece. So, the hero calls up his SEAL buddies for help. They come locked and loaded, barely have to waste a bullet when barraging into the bad guy’s hideout. By this time, the hero finally takes courage in realizing he can’t live without the heroine. Once things settle down, he opens up that he’s accepted the job as a SEAL Instructor in order to provide for his niece. Then he asks the heroine to marry him in an extremely cute if not awkward way. The heroine says yes and we get a sweet little ending.

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