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It’s a marriage for business only. It shouldn’t matter who the bride is…

When her beautiful sister fails to show up for her own wedding, Kassiani must take her place at the altar. The groom, Damen Alexopoulos, is an up-and-coming Greek shipping tycoon and Kassia’s father is counting on this marriage to seal an important business merger. Even though she wasn’t the bride he expected, Kassia proves to be a force in her own right, delving deeper into Damen’s heart than he could have ever imagined!

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They help heal each other, then themselves 4  4

Our hero is an ambitious man with a ruthless streak that’s about to enter a marriage of convenience with a noble Greek family’s snobbish daughter. That is until he sees the wallflower, the other daughter walking down the aisle with her father. They get through the ceremony quietly, despite the stares and whispers. Once they’re alone, the hero hammers the heroine for the truth. She confesses about the older snob ditching the ceremony to the heroine’s father banging on her door in the early hours with the wedding dress and demands she replace her sister. Does the heroine follow through, despite knowing the whole thing is completely cukoo-cukoo? Well yes, even though she was neglected and mistreated by her family for: not acting like snob, getting a too high education for woman, and not looking anything like her mother as opposed to her sister. She finds this is the only chance she can help her family and the company, since daddy dearest is a sexist who believes a women’s role is to look like a doll rather than actually hold a job. I mean it’s so disappointing this man won’t utilize his daughter’s knowledge and skills from her education from bloomin’ Stanford University merely over the fact, she lacks a “Pickle”!! When the hero gets her side of the story, he has them escape from the reception onto his yacht with his trusted staff. He wants cancel the whole marriage because he had no intention of trusting the heroine’s traitorous family, but her sincerity and honesty makes a mess of his mind and heart. He wants to push her away due to her family attachment in addition to it digging up his long-buried feelings versus wanting to keep the heroine closer since he finds himself at ease in her presence. He actually reveals his 5-year plan of taking over the heroine’s family company since poor management (heroine’s brother & father) have led it into decline. The heroine is all up for the idea since it’ll save the company and its employees’ jobs. She also manages to captivate the hero for the night, thus getting him to agree on continuing the marriage. They go on their honeymoon, communicating and building a bond. The hero has some pretty high walls built around him; yet, we see him showing positive encouragement towards the heroine when her insecurity about her body and looks slip out. Example: she thinks she’s fat and should be skinny. He contradicts with how she’s beautiful and not every man is into stick figures. I liked how the hero helped her find confidence and showed her family was in the wrong for treating her horribly. Another thing I liked is the heroine bringing up the topic of small number of working women in their countries with high level careers. They find themselves wanting to make the other person happy It was wonderful to see them make progress and then we come upon the hero’s insecurities. Oh Boyyyyyyyyyyy, his insecurities are the kind you need the fluffy blanket and cocoa for. When the heroine asks about the hero’s childhood, the man shuts up tighter than a clam and more prickly than a porcupine. The heroine’s questions unlock the hero’s Pandora box, only hearing his story after coming back to his dreaded hometown and meeting his nice mother for the first time. The hero confesses that he lived a happy but poor life with his great parents till he turned fourteen. Then he caught the eye of their landlord’s latest missus with a voracious sexual appetite. The woman persuaded her husband into coercing the poor hero to have sex with her or his family get kicked off the island. It was a year of abuse till his parents found out, and he took some money and bolted for the next ferry. The evil woman never came after him because she had other “boys”. Once the hero became rich, he went back and had the horrible couple kicked out of their house and home. Then he helped bring up the economy of his island on the condition everyone must have/ or get an education. Even though the man got his revenge and did some good, he allows their ghosts haunt and control his present decisions. The heroine tells the hero his hate is at himself for being a powerless boy back and hurting his parents. He goes on about his mother wanted nothing from him, leading him to believe she’s ashamed of her son’s behavior when it’s the total opposite. The heroine learned and the hero finds out later, the mother is ashamed at herself for being unable to protect her child and doesn’t deserve his help at all. Her words make a chink in the hero’s armor, pushing him to distance himself from the hero. Within the next few months, a lot of things happen. The heroine moves halfway across the world and starts job hunting since discovering she’s expecting. The hero finally gains the courage to face his mother and hear her side, in addition to finally seeking therapy to help process and overcome his trauma. He finally visits the heroine with what she thought were divorce papers, but were actually a project plan to help the heroine’s family company on the condition that she be made an executive and board member. I found that little apology piece to be really good. They start talking things out, reconciling, and confess their love for each other in the end. I loved their “open up my pain and love” speeches. They decide to remarry again with the heroine’s choice of dress and flowers and the heroine reveals her pregnancy to the hero who’s overjoyed. It was a real nice ending.

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