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I know I’m just a replacement, but I can’t stop wishing for a real romance…

After seeing both of her sisters happily married, Andie cannot help but feel lonely, even with a baby on the way. Two months ago, she finally spent a night with Adam Munroe, a world renowned movie producer, and a close friend to her family. While knowing that he had feelings for her late mother, Andie could not resist her desire to be with the man she loved for practically her entire life. This encounter results in Andie expecting a baby, that she cannot tell Adam about… “He wouldn’t want to have a baby with a girl he doesn’t love.” Though she tries to avoid Adam, she reunites with him during her secret maternity leave, and Adam surprises her with a marriage proposal, which Andie accepts… determined to be her late mother’s replacement…

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good, but there's always a misconception 4  4

I liked the story for showing both heroine and hero’s perspectives. The heroine and hero have know each other for a long time and despite the fourteen year age gap, develop a one-sided crush for the other. However, the heroine believed upon the hero’s state at her mother’ funeral that he was in love with her mother. The truth couldn’t be further, the man may have indeed loved the mother, but it wasn’t a romantic love. It was more familial and friend because she knew of his dark past and still accepted him. He was born to a horrible mother who neglected her twin sons terribly. One night, his little four-year-old self lit a candle to calm his twin brother from his fear of the dark. The candle sadly started a fire that swarmed the dingy apartment where only the hero survived. The hero was taken by social service; yet, the mother never stopped seeing him to demand money using familial connection, guilt, and blackmail. The man gives in since she’s still his mom and it’s tough. Now, he had shared all this with the heroine’s mom who helped him ease the burden by merely knowing that history. So, her death made him the only person who knew the truth and thus, increased the burden. The years have passed and two months from the current timeline is when the heroine and hero engage in coitus. It went great except believed the hero was only having coitus with her as a substitute for her mother. Her reaction went south, causing the hero to think she doesn’t want anything to do with him. In fact, the heroine tries to distance herself from the hero till he finds out she’s pregnant. The man is able to deduce it’s his and insists they get married. The heroine initially disagrees and then accepts his proposal along with her twisted idea that she’s okay being her mom’s substitute. Now, one of the scenes I really loved is the hero’s request that if they have any problems: They should TALK THINGS OUT!!! I was so happy with the man for saying because he realizes the importance of communication. What happens next actually shows the struggle in actually communicating the important if not painful part of their lives; for example, the hero opening up about who the mysterious OW (his mother) is and his past. It’s a real struggle for the poor guy and he doesn’t talk about it even after the wedding and the heroine meeting his mother for the first time without any idea of who she is. The man finds the courage when his father-in-law confesses he knew of the hero’s past after doing an investigation on him. The news stuns the hero considering the man never treated him any differently. He confesses everything to the heroine who hugs him in tears of the pain he’s suffered. They confess their love and we get a sweet end page where they’re having a family picture taken with everyone, including their twin boys.

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