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I’ve never known love before, but now I’m the bride of a desert prince…

One night, the princesses’ governess Olivia is kidnapped by a man in black who climbs in through the palace window. When she awakes, she and the man are involved in a ritual she doesn’t understand. Olivia, who knows nothing about love, is unable to resist his dangerous charms and gives herself up to him body and soul. It isn’t until afterward that she learns the astonishing truth: he’s Zayed, the prince of the neighboring country, and Olivia was kidnapped and married by mistake in the place of the princess. Zayed accuses her: “Did you allow yourself to be seduced because I’m a prince?”

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It was moderately better than the original 3  3

I can only say this is better based off reading detailed reviews of the original book. It’s why I gave it a higher review, instead of a lower one had the comic followed the novella. I was surprised however, to learn the publication of this book was in 2018. I would have thought it was something from the nineties. Yet, there were some things that led me to one of the classic phrases in reviews, “Are You Kidding Me??!!!”. To start off, the heroine has been friends with an Arabian princess for years. She knows about the friend’s arranged fiancée as well as how the friend feels about marrying a man she only met once a decade ago and could walk past him on the street without recognizing him. When they graduate, the princess offers the heroine a job as her younger sisters’ tutor. Just as a way to help her earn cash, build a good resume, and have an amazing reference when she wants to move on. I mean if you love teaching and kids, then it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. The heroine accepts since she has no family and settles in well with her new surroundings and the people. She’s even treated like one of the family. Then one night, as she heads back to her room, she’s suddenly grabbed and whisked away by a mysterious man in black. Next, comes a short summary and a long rant. The heroine finds herself in the desert, seemingly too shocked to make a fuss with all these people around speaking in Arabian, which she has little knowledge of how to speak!! She can’t make heads or tails of what it means for a man to by her side in front of a man speaking long lines of Arabian with a freakin’ book in his hand(Warning went off in my head at that moment!). Then WILLING voluntarily goes to fornicate with the mysterious man who stole her in the first place. Not guessing why he took her or anything else like if she’s been taken for a concubine or whatever. Nothing, nada, zilch is popping into this girl’s empty head!!! They don’t see the misunderstanding until the heroine confesses that she has no idea what the handmaid is saying. The mystery man, our hero flips upon discovering he snatched, wed, and bed the bloomin’ tutor and not his intended fiancée. He pulls the usual rant on treachery and I pull mine on stupidity: HOW STUPID WAS THE HERO?? For anyone who decides to kidnap someone, which is a felony by the way. Make a detailed plan that puts Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13 to shame!!! This guy has decided to kidnap his fiancée because her father seems to be getting cold feet of fulfilling an age-old promise. He needs the princess in order to finally free his country from a tyrant who assassinated his parents and brother. Yet, all this man went off on was the where the princess’s bedroom, which is decade old information!!! He didn’t plant a spy who could tell him who was sleeping where or get the most recent picture of the fiancée. If I were to kidnap someone(which I would never), I wouldn’t base my whole operation on information ten years old!! I want where my target was 10 seconds ago, where they’re heading, who are they with along with their entire backstory, and why. That kind of information is just the basics!!!And this is just Pre-Kidnapping, here comes Kidnapping and Post Kidnapping! In the midst of the Kidnapping, he caught the heroine herself, thus seeing her blonde hair and blue eyes. HOW IN THE BLUE BLAZES, DID THIS MAN MISTAKE HER FOR HIS FIANCEE???? The fiancée is tan and dark haired plus eyes, even if the fiancée’s skin has paled from her time in cold Switzerland to the heroine’s tan from the Arabian sun, you CAN’T mistake hair color and eye!!! Then there’s the fact with what words she seems to be speaking, they’re only English. If I had participated in this ludicrous shenanigan and the bride spoke only English and not my mother tongue, then I would have made a fuss about it. Back to the plot, the hero accuses the heroine of taking advantage of the confusion to marry the guy. The man has somehow conveniently forgotten the heroine had no idea since she SPEAKS NO ARABIAN!!! The hero goes off fuming, leaving the heroine to process the information. The heroine seems to process it better than most, considering she converses with the servants warmly. There are some bumps between the hero and heroine’s relationship, but things go more smoothly once they see each other’s dedication to helping people. They start carrying romantic feelings, which they both hold back with the hero trying to get the fiancée’s, well ex- fiancée’s father’s support. Sadly, the hero pushes the heroine to write a letter to the Father, making her carry the mistake of sleeping with her best friend’s fiancée and to request that he continue on with carrying out the marriage between the hero and friend. He guilts the woman to his side, going on about how his people will continue to suffer if the marriage doesn’t go through. I did like her comeback of what she’s lost because of the whole thing: her job, her place in the palace, and the community who accepted her. I did like the hero apologizing to the heroine for his words. Although, I didn’t like they went back to the Bed before resolving all issues. They both learn of each other’s past, opening up their feelings. Unfortunately, nothing to stand on since the heroine states to the hero she wants love in a marriage, which is what the hero refuses to give. The hero only admits to himself he loves the heroine after watching fight for her life from a viper’s bite. Then the hero is called upon by the friend’s father who has agreed to continue on with their marital agreement. All because the friend got herself in the “Family Way” with some Italian guy, so all the hero needs to do is claim the friend’s unborn baby as his own. The whole thing is perfect for the hero’s situation, to save his people and bring justice to his family’s deaths. Yet, he refuses because he can’t give up on the heroine. This is actually a big difference because the reviews said in the original novel that there was a 3-month separation between the two where the heroine thought the hero married the friend but he was actually fighting to win back his country and have the right to rush to the heroine’s side. I also felt bad that it seemed to downplay the fiancée’s part in being a big support to the hero and heroine’s relationship, despite being in a what I would call a “delicate situation”. The heroine stays by the hero’s side, helping where she can till they finally manage to overthrow the dictator. They go on that rebuilding will be hard work and how much they’ll achieve together as a couple. It was a nice ending; however, some of the parts I listed earlier just burned my beans.

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