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I was under this spell from the moment I met you.

"I want you marry me." Dylan wa rendered speechless by Kate's sudden offer. Kate is the granddaughter of the mistress of the mansion, and Dylan is the son of a servant. In the 20 years since they met, Dylan has never been able to say no to a request from Kate. " I don't consider her as a member of the opposite sex, but I accept her requests because she is my childhood friend and I want to make her smile. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten hurt because of this..." Dylan tried to say no to Kate, but her earnest desire and the encouragement from his family made him say yes once again...

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3.5 I liked it. 4  4

The story was alright, nothing over the top but nothing to get my boat going. Our hero met the heroine when they were kids with him being the employee’s son and she being the boss’s granddaughter. *Note*: the hero nicknaming the boss as Medusa, caused me to chuckle. Their friendship mostly consisted on the hero going along with some of the heroine’s selfish antics and dealing with her arrogant attitude; yet, they still remain the closest of friends. It’s when they finally reach adulthood that the heroine asks the hero cooperate her in the biggest antic ever: enter a fake marriage with her. This whole thing tops the time he got arrested because she insisted he only come over to her place at night when they were teenagers or the time she had him nearly auctioned off to a Mafia’s Wife at a charity show. I admitted to myself that I was shocked the heroine actually had the nerve to come to him with another antic after the mess she landed him in the last time. It seems only this time, the heroine has a legit reason for asking the hero for marriage: grandma’s will stipulates the heroine needs to be married for a year to get her inheritance. She manages to convince the hero to go along with this plan since he views it as his duty. Apparently, the man has an insecurity complex of being lesser than the heroine because his dad was her grandmother’s “servant”, the whole class stigma. What the hero doesn’t know is the whole marriage is a mere front for the heroine. She has had the longest crush on the hero but didn’t have the courage to confess her feelings for him. Why? Well, she knows the kind of trouble her requests have landed him in. So, she plans to use the one -year period marriage to woo the hero into falling in love with her. They manage to go from a visit to the Courthouse to a backyard wedding at his beloved mother’s plea. I really liked having the side characters such as the hero’s family in the story. They provided love, wisdom and good comic relief. For the next year, the heroine works hard in winning the hero’s heart. She makes the first correct choice by starting with his stomach; she makes him these amazing packed lunches, breakfasts, and dinner while running her grandmother’s foundation in addition to secretly working to writing her own children’s book. They participate all kinds of couples’ activities with the exception of the intimate activities. They hit the usual bumps in a marriage like finances but some good old advice from the hero’s family prompts them into working things out. The hero discovers more new things about the heroine like her debut into writing children’s books. I loved how they talk things out and have a wonderful family barbecue. The hero’s mother recounts how the heroine’s grandmother didn’t want to leave the heroine the house or money but with a family like theirs. The mother didn’t get it at the time, but as the reader I understood immediately. She wanted the heroine to have a family who were there for her, rather than traveling around the world to make more money. They finally become intimate, but the hero is left anxious of what it means for their relationship. And he’s not the only one, the heroine discovers she’s pregnant and thinks the only route is divorcing the hero. The hero overheard her whole speech of loving the hero but intending to divorce him. He shouts don’t divorce him and professes his love for her. He wants to be a real couple and the heroine admits she want them to be a real couple too. She confesses her pregnancy, causing the hero to twirl her around with joy. We skip to the epilogue of a year later: hero and heroine are enjoying their one-year anniversary with their wedding topping and their baby.

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