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What if a will dictates that you must marry the firstborn of a wealthy family and be paid for it...?

"You did this for the money, didn't you?" Billionaire Jonas Bravo's words pierce Emma's heart. Emma, an orphan from Texas, came to L.A. to follow her dreams when she befriended the matriarch of a wealthy family. How could Emma possibly imagine that her friend's will would state that Emma should marry her son? With a reward of five million dollars attached, Emma has no idea what to do. Jonas' eyes are dark and scrutinizing as he asks, "Is five million dollars not enough, then?"

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3.5 Twists and Turns 4  4

Okay, before I begin with my review, I will offer a word of caution. There are going to be some major spoilers in this one, I don’t mean the usual. I mean I’m unraveling the knotted balls of harlequin drama and mystery before your very eyes. Usually, I go by this chronologically because it helps with clearing things up but not this time. Our hero and heroine are cats and dogs with each other ever since the heroine became besties with his elderly mom. The man holds any woman in her twenties as suspicious if she hangs around his elderly mother. In his mind, it’s one of the Gold Digger tactics : take advantage of an elderly vulnerable lady. Of course, the whole thing couldn’t be further from the truth. The whole thing couldn’t be further from the truth because the heroine simply loves hanging out with the mom. The woman is fun and she became this maternal mentor and figure for the heroine who desperately craved as a child since the death of her parents. In fact, the heroine is the only one who supports the mother when she decides to adopt an orphaned baby girl. The mother is doing it because 1) she just immediately connected with the little girl and 2) she’s still trying to overcome the pain of losing her 2nd child (not miscarriage) in addition to her regret of not being there for the hero as a child. Five years pass till the mother finally passes and has left an iron clad will that has the hero backed into a corner of either marrying the heroine or losing custody rights to his sister. He predictably accuses the heroine of weaseling her way into the mother’s good graces. He ridicules everything like her clothes (the heroine doesn’t dress like a mouse if you get my meaning). The heroine herself is stumped as to why her friend would write such a clause on her will. The heroine decides to take the first step and see the hero. She sees her friend’s home been turned into Fort Knox. She tells the hero she agrees to the whole marriage and we’re actually going to take a moment to stop. Here, I thought it would be a good idea to pause and explain the mother and hero’s backstory. So, hero and mom were part of a family of four with their husband/father and their baby brother/youngest baby son. They were extremely happy until they found the kid hero bleeding and unconscious in his brother’s room with the baby brother missing. They paid the kidnappers but never got the brother back. The loss and feeling of powerless tore through the father and he died of a broken heart. The mother entered a mental institution and stayed there for four years after having a mental breakdown from losing both husband and son. Thus, leaving our poor child hero to face the world and the shattered pieces of his family. Spoiler: hero admits to heroine that he’s never felt any negativity towards his mother’s absence because he understood she was in pain like him. Now, we head back to the current timeline where the heroine says yes to marriage of convenience and the hero has it all set up viva Las Vegas style. We also get a flashback of why the mother wanted the heroine to help the hero raise the little sister: to help him connect emotionally and to help overcome his fear of the unknown. For example, making him take the little girl on an outing since he’s been incredibly overprotective nature of locking her up in the mansion is stems from his fear of reliving his family tragedy. After their court wedding, things start rolling into the hero’s family backstory like the hero’s black sheep disowned uncle whose portrait gives the heroine the creeps. Even though, the man died a year before the brother’s kidnapping in a fire. Hmmmm, a fire with a body that’s been charred and probably unrecognizable. The heroine finally sees the hero in his vulnerable state from the nightmares he suffers. The nightmares are his buried memories from the kidnap night and he’s never been able to unlock them. He blames himself for being unable to help, but the heroine comforts him by saying the only fault lies in the kidnapper. The hero starts letting the heroine in and they both start falling for each other. One day, the man introduces himself to our couple as the hero’s cousin, son of the black sheep uncle. (Spoiler: the whole thing is actually a large series on the family name Bravo and he’s the hero from, “The Marriage Agreement”). The hero is incredibly suspicious since it's not possible because Uncle died in fire. The cousin and uncle have been estranged for a long while till five months ago when the dying uncle requested the cousin to take his key to his old house. Cousin initially didn’t want to but decided to open pandora’s box. In the broken home, he found a number of things that didn’t make sense until he found a scrapbook; full of newspaper clippings all about the kidnapping with the hero’s family members distraught faces. They realized with their amateur psychological decipher that this clippings were the uncle’s “trophies”, signifying he had a hand in the kidnapping of his nephew. The cousin even pulls out his father’s “test”, a bag of diamonds (probably accumulating to the ransom amount) to see if the cousin would bury the secret. Thankfully, the cousin is an honest man with integrity and wishes to set things right. I loved how the hero didn’t unjustly place blame on the cousin’s shoulders for his father’s crimes. The three of them head to the Uncle’s home and search effortlessly for any clues that might lead to the missing brother. We also get a backstory on the uncle’s reason for the kidnapping: revenge against his father and brother for disowning him and keeping him from the family fortune. The family had enough of the man since he was always getting into trouble. He even went to prison for killing a man. So, he decided in his twisted mind if his father was going to lose a second son then his brother should lose one too. They search through the creaking house to no avail, but as their search produces futile results, the hero’s nightmares become more clear. He finally remembers the kidnapping: his uncle and another woman stealing his brother. His uncle was going to kill him but his female accomplice stopped him. They’re able to find the woman had passed but left a son who looks terribly similar to the hero. Their reunion is a real shocker for the hero who slips by saying the guy is his brother. The man coldly denies it and has them escorted out the door. The hero calmly leaves his contact information and walks out the door. He tells the heroine it’s enough for his to see that his brother is still alive. We get a confession of love and a little cliffhanger of how our brothers will be reunited.

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