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I am marrying into a foreign country as the replacement queen for my country’s sake…

Despite being a princess, Cressida has had a rough life. She never had the love of her parents and she grew up being the ‘failure’ in the family. However, after one of her sisters runs away from an arranged marriage, Cressida gets appointed as her sister’s replacement. For the sake of getting acknowledged by her father, Cressida decides to accept her political marriage to Sheikh Khalil Al Rhas of Zayyar Kingdom. Before parting ways with her boring life, she puts herself into a flashy dress to go to a club and have the first and last wild night of her life. That is when she meets an exotic and handsome gentleman, who asks her for a dance and the two share an intimate moment that ends in a passionate kiss, but Cressida does not yet know that the man in front of her is Sheikh Khalil himself...

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I quite liked it. 4  4

Our hero and heroine meet each as political pawns for their sake of their countries, bringing along with their emotional baggage. The heroine has been abused emotionally and mentally by her parents since she was small for reasons unknown till she turned twelve. Even still, she’s always been desperate in seeking their acknowledgement and love for till her father forces her into being her sister’s replacement as a 5-year contract wife of the Sheikh/hero. It’s without a doubt the heroine will do it since it’s the only time her father has sought her out and she’s even willing to give up her dream of being a language instructor, fighting for better education. Before she meets the Sheikh (having no knowledge her father already signed the papers without her consent) she decides to go a little crazy by having only one night out at the dance club. She meets a man, feels a spark, and kisses him. This man turns out to be the Sheikh who had her followed and now is under the impression the heroine is some sort of party animal. The hero is already once bitten when it comes to marriages from his failed marriage with his first wife (neglected her and she decided to have multiple lovers and died trying to meet one, but the hero hid it to protect her image, although, I think some of it was to protect his.) and the heroine’s sister dropped her royal title (and him) for his best friend. Not to mention, he doesn’t trust the heroine’s father at all. It least it shows the hero has some instinct, it sadly doesn’t extend to heroine. She still does make a positive impression on the hero when she pleads for him to have mercy on her old chauffeur. They get married hastily to cover up the scandal left by the sister, we see the heroine’s inferiority complex of not being like her sisters from their red hair when compared to her blond hair. And the complex pops up again when she hears everyone talking so wonderfully about the hero’s first wife and her beautiful dark hair (the heroine focuses a lot on hair). I liked seeing them both struggle with their insecurities and attraction to each other. After the wedding comes an “accident”. The hero distances himself from the heroine in order to bury his feelings for her. Not much good it did and the heroine is left utterly alone in this new country and a language she doesn’t speak. However, she shows true strength by diving deep into her lessons about everything in the hero’s country. By the time, the hero gets his report on the heroine, he realizes his faults of how totally alone she is without her family (well the ones who care about her) and the unfairness by leaving her alone to adjust in a new place. He sees there’s a difference between the woman he sees studying in the library to the woman he saw on the dance floor. So, he makes the first step by engaging in Conversation with her, realizing his errors. I loved how he makes amends by finally joining her for breakfast and dinner. They engage in conversation, discussing topics both public and personal. She opens up about her insecurities, believing she’s ugly and worthless when compared to her sisters. The hero strongly contradicts that she is very beautiful and their relationship goes to the next level. This is where the hero learns he just deflowered his wife. Then things come at standstill since both keep using the contract to stay away from developing even stronger feelings. Until scandal breaks out over the heroine; the secret of why her parents have mistreated her. The heroine is the result of an affair between her mother and her chauffeur. It turns out the woman was so hurt over her husband’s constant stream of mistresses that she fell into the arms of her chauffeur. The whole thing causes the heroine to pour out her battered heart to the hero about everything to going along with the marriage to earn her father’s approval. The hero tells her the information about her birth was leaked by her biological father’s “successors”? I think it might be his other children; however, the hero later suspects one of his senior councilman who may also be behind the fire and the death of his first wife. Back to the pouring heart out piece, the heroine unleashes all her anxiety of being unworthy with the hero proclaiming the opposite. He tells her to cry in his arms because he’ll protect her. After she’s had a good sob, he makes a huge step by revealing his marriage with his first wife was horrible behind the scenes. They were politically married and it went downhill with the woman’s last words were that she’d rather die before letting the hero touch her. He brings out his anxiety of the rumors about him killing his wife, how it has negatively affected him. The heroine says none of it is true and they comfort each other. They head to the heroine’s homeland with the hero intending to publicize that he knew of the heroine’s birth but chose not to reveal. However, his councilman pressure him to annul the marriage since the heroine isn’t of royal blood. They meet the heroine’s squealing pig of a foster father along with her eldest sister who pulls the heroine in for a hug over the whole thing, and her regretful mother. She confesses to the heroine in tears of her immense regret for how she treated the heroine. She apologizes for the suffering the heroine endured and the heroine accepts it. The father squeals about the hero and heroine covering up the scandal, but the hero chastises him for his mistreatment towards the heroine in regards to this marriage. They try to have their conversation in private with the heroine strongly insisting she be part of since it involves her. The hero talks about his councils’ demands, giving the heroine a choice of either staying married or have her freedom back because he loves her. The whole thing overwhelms the heroine who needs a moment. She’s given an opportunity by the disowned sister to live her dream. The hero thinks she’s chosen freedom for her sake, despite the heroine declaring she should do it for their countries since she’s unworthy. Right then, the hero makes this amazing confession of love to the heroine. It was very good and it brought the heroine to tears because the hero wants her for her and all that come with it. The heroine says yes, confessing she doesn’t want to divorce him either because she loves him too. In the end, the hero offers the heroine’s dad the ultimatum: give the throne to the eldest daughter or lose the hero’s financial support. The man submits and is left to deal with the new reality that his wife wants a divorce and will live with the heroine. The hero’s council retract their demands after the hero’s persuasion. And the heroine and hero make a new start in life. I should also mention the great scene of where the heroin tells her father to shut up. That was a good one.

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