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He seems so cold and arrogant, but he’s the only one who believes me…

After being falsely accused of embezzlement, Lark decides to confront the prosecuting lawyer to prove her innocence. What awaits her is gorgeous, intimidating attorney James Wolfe. Lark decides to trust James with her plea but finds out a week later that her information has been leaked! Tabloids paint her as a conspiring femme fatale, which results in Lark losing not only her job and home but also the trust of her family. Overcoming her despair, Lark reunites with James, who wants to help her fight her case!

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2.8 Lacked some common sense 3  3

In my life, I’ve spoken with lawyers who are nice, mean, smart, and/or dumb. One of the big things I can remember in our conversations is what they DON’T do in their profession. For example: engage flirtation and inappropriate physical gestures to the opposing party in a lawsuit/investigation. The lawyer, our hero is someone whose professional character I question deeply. Here’s the summary of what’s going on. Heroine’s backstory: happy child till mom and dad died suddenly and the heroine went into the care of her snobbish maternal relatives: uncle, aunt, and horrible little male cousin. Now, I was perplexed by how this arrangement was done. I understand it’s the most common processes where an orphaned child goes to relatives. Yet, it’s necessary for any family with a huge amount of money to have already written up at least a will of at least who becomes the heroine’s guardian. Plus, any attorney worth their salt wouldn’t just plop a child on their relative’s doorstep; they talk to the neighbors, the nanny/babysitter, and the child of who’s been over the house, how might they describe the relationship between relatives and heroine’s parents. I mean the heroine can clearly remember from her childhood of her mother and uncle’s horrible relationship. Yet, the heroine is placed under their “care” and endures their harassment. She’s able to grow up without becoming bitter, gets an education and a job all on her own. Then the cousin commits suicide after embezzling a fortune from his company. What’s more, the he wrote in his will that the heroine encouraged him to steal the money. The whole thing shocks the heroine who’s barely had any contact with the snob or his company. His company offer the heroine the ultimatum that they won’t sue if she gives back the money immediately. The heroine refuses because she doesn’t have the money or any idea what they’re talking about. So, they send in their attorney, the hero. He questions the heroine and promises the whole thing will be kept under-wraps. Yeah, well………….that didn’t happen. Somehow, a leak has been sprung with the heroine’s name and face plastered against every paparazzi rag about how she “seduced” her cousin into stealing the money. Within one day before, “Innocent till proven guilty”, the heroine loses her job and her apartment all from having her name dragged through the mud. She wails at the hero for dragging her into this mess. I did like the hero made it up to her by requesting his mother hire her as her live-in secretary. Plus, he sees there’s something else behind the scenes and aims to dig deeper. At the heroine’s new employment, she meets the hero’s level-headed but open-minded mom, her wonderful maid, and the OW. I was surprised the heroine didn’t know about the hero’s relationship with her new boss since she was hired within a few hours after shouting at the hero till he pops up at her boss’s place. One thing that bothered me in this scene: explaining to the heroine he couldn’t be the leak since it would violated Attorney-Client privilege, whilst encasing the heroine in his arms. This kind of behavior is incredibly inappropriate because 1) she’s still a suspect in a case that he’s investigating for his company, 2) still no rock hard evidence in proving the heroine’s innocence, and 3) this little interaction could be horribly misinterpreted. I mean what if paparazzi rag took a snapshot; not only would the heroine suffer more image degradation in addition to sued, but the worst case scenario for the hero is losing his license to practice law for fornicating with a suspect in a case. And that’s if he doesn’t get sued by his own company for malpractice too. What’s worse is the hero doesn’t stop with this behavior, not taking into account of the heroine’s feelings nor the circumstance. I mean late night visits and pulling her into his lap. I get he’s flirting and attracted to the heroine, but he can’t restrain himself until he proves her innocence!!! The only saving grace is the heroine’s restraint with her hand up and a hard N-O. We do see some progress from the hero’s side as he learns more about the heroine’s relationship with her relatives. Next, the heroine meets the OW, a spoiled little brat whose parents are close friends to the mom. Although, the mother doesn’t like the daughter due to her atrocious behavior, the woman maintains the manners and class of a true lady. Something the little prat could learn a thing or two from. Then the hero takes the heroine out shopping and date night with dinner and a walk by the river. The OW hears about it and is furious “her” man is cozying up with the “Help”. So like a pathological liar, she tells the heroine that the hero and her are getting married. And of course, the heroine believes even though his mother doesn’t like her and her behavior is the complete opposite of what the hero appreciates seeing if not admires like the heroine’s. The heroine plans to leave, no idea where since her name is still in the muck. She distances herself from both hero and mother, making them surprised at her sudden change in behavior. A few more weeks pass because we come to the climax in the form of a party. A party where the hero notes there’s going to be a big surprise: proposing to the woman he loves at the party. And he announces the heroine, thus causing her tears to stop and humiliating the bratty OW. He confesses his love and wish to marry her. She says yes to the “I do” and she loves him too. We skip to after the party where the hero and heroine are on a walk. He talks about submitting a report to the company that the heroine is innocent, and the uncle and aunt are responsible for the leak in addition to stealing the heroine’s inheritance. The whole paparazzi thing was a cover to hide their true crime. The hero offers to sue them but the heroine refuses since their actions led to the hero and heroine meeting. The hero is entranced by his future bride’s actions and we end it seeing one page of them was gussied up for their wedding. Now, I respect the heroine’s decision not to sue her greedy relatives. She’d rather look at the positive side of things and never interact with her relatives again. Yet, I have a ton of reasons why she should: 1) they already going to get sued anyway by the hero’s company, not because of their son’s embezzlement but because their little tactic with paparazzi had revealed a weakness with the company. That’s damage with malicious intent. 2) she’ll probably want to know where all her family heirlooms like mom’s tea set went and they would have probably have the receipt, so she should sue to get it back. 3) this is the biggest one, since they already stole money probably to fund their greedy and lavish tastes but have no skills in making more, then they’ll take on debts soon. Thus would have to sell whatever they can get their hands on to keep debt collectors off their backs. I would rather have that kind of money go to a charity for clean drinking water or a child’s lunch and education than a debt collector.

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