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I'm sure we'll meet again, that's how we parted, but I'm afraid to see him again…

Emma, an accountant, followed her mother's instructions and spent her days humble and focused on her work. When a friend invited her to a costume party, she met a charming man by chance and spent a night of passion with him, hiding her true face. When their dream came to an end, they tattooed one half of a heart on each other's body as a token of the night, in case they could see each other again. When Emma went to the company where she was sent as a researcher, she found that Jonah, the CEO, was that man! It's great to see him again, but the woman he loves is the wild woman of that night, and I can't tell him who I really am.

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Our couple collide each other as they deal with some rather unexpected twists and behaviors. Our heroine was burdened from the young age of staying within limits, putting a lid on her “Freak” by her mother. It’s all because her dearly departed older sister was got caught up in a horrendous scandal that made front page. What kind of scandal? Well, they never specify in the book; however, we can only assume since she was engaged with some elite man that she was caught in a “Flamenco” with another. The heroine followed her mother’s word for years till she finally decided to have her “Cinderella” night after being dumped. She goes all out at a masquerade party during Margi Gras. Then is rescued by a mysterious masked man, thus sparking a connection and a passionate night. Afterwards, they decide to part ways, but commemorate the event by getting an souvenir: a tattoo. Apparently, the both of them got a tattoo of half a heart with it being on the hero’s right and on the heroine’s right chest. The heroine decides not to look for him till he suddenly appears before her as a client she’s currently contracted to do auditing (like a money detective). It’s a real surprise for the both of them and the worst time for the hero. The day the heroine arrived at his company was when the hero received word that his brother had embezzled 3 million company dollars. They have a little bit of a sibling rivalry from their childhood. The hero being the first born got sent to boarding school at a young age mom but she didn’t do it to his younger brother. So, he suffered an inferiority complex of his mom loving his younger brother. Crud, I couldn’t do that to any of my kids, only making them see me twice a year. Now, the younger brother is completely off the grid and the hero has to figure out how to keep the heroine at bay from finding out as he tries to slip his personal funds into the company’s account. Note: The guy still has no idea the heroine is his mystery woman but the heroine finds out he’s her mystery man thanks to the tattoo. She plans on not telling him since their relationship would cause a conflict of interest. The both of them are merely swirling in their chaotic emotions, trying to make sense of the logic from a brother’s deceit to having courage in revealing yourself to the hero. After the 50 page mark, the heroine finally “reveals” to the hero that she’s his mystery woman. She explains the Why with the hero completely understanding from her perspective. Although, when their hearts connect, it’s spelled out as “Mom”???? Is this supposed to be some sort of satire in regards to their strenuous relationships with their mothers??? I mean, there were so many other options like the infinity symbol or 1-3-4. Yet, they chose, “Mom”??? They reconnect right as the hero’s recovery funds have been settled. However, the hero knows cash flow always leaves a trail and with a meticulous hard worker like the heroine investigating, she will find out. Would it be better if the hero told her himself of the situation? Yes. Would it make thing alright? It’d probably be better than having her find out the truth on her own. But of course, he doesn’t tell her and of course she finds out. She does confront him about it and he’s honest with her. Luckily, they agree that the heroine does her job right and proper and continue on their relationship. Unfortunately, the path takes a detour when the heroine’s boss makes a personal and irritated call about the heroine withholding vital information about her findings. The man’s words spark a doubt in the heroine’s mind that the hero was merely using her. It ignites a fight and thus ends their relationship on poor terms. While our heartbroken love birds are separated, a couple of things pop like the hero’s brother and a plus sign. I was a little peeved at the brother for coming back all smiles and everything after his theft. Although, it turns the man had a good reason for the whole embezzlement: His fiancée is a doctor without Borders and a single mom. Her son got kidnapped with the ransom money being 3 million, exact amount that the brother stole. Thankfully, the authorities were able to save the little boy and return the money to the brother. He already spoken to the heroine’s boss, cleared up the misunderstanding, and is already in the process of putting the money back into the account. He opens up about his inferiority complex towards the hero of not being good enough. He advises the hero to fight for his girl. During this little family moment, the heroine’s been fired from her job and discovered the “plus” on a pregnancy stick. Her friend informs her on the brother’s reason for the embezzlement and drops off the hero’s heartfelt letter to the heroine since she won’t take call or emails. The letter is full of the hero’s love for her and it reaches to her heart. She decides to make up with the hero by applying for an accounting job at his workplace. Their interview is one of the sweetest ones and ends with us seeing their wedding, but no baby.

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