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Everyone thinks I’m an evil woman…but I want him to trust me.

Holly has returned to her hometown to help her aunt after being gone for ten years, after Alan, the man she eloped with, died in a car accident. Around here, she’s known as the evil woman who murdered the wealthy Van Arsdale family’s son. Clint Van Arsdale, Alan’s older brother, thinks that Holly is back in town to get her hands on the family’s trust fund. However, Holly never knew about the million-dollar trust fund, nor does she want it. Clint struggles to believe her, but there is more to the accident than he knows…

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The story was alright, I just had a hard time swallowing all the abuse the heroine endured. It reminded me of the Italian film, “Malena,” where a devoted wife suffers stigma and isolation from her town’s community for being beautiful and “Free” because her husband is off fighting. The heroine fell hard for some rich man’s son and eloped when they were teenagers. Although, it turned out the boy wouldn’t adjust to living paycheck to paycheck. He racked up debt, women, violations, alcohol, and abuse on the heroine. The heroine allowed it because she was still in love and didn’t know better that her marriage was toxic. You could say it ended when the man died from drunk driving with the heroine in the passenger seat, but it was only the beginning. The heroine decided to preserve what little was left of her husband’s tattered reputation by declaring she was the drunk driver. Although, medical records would have proven she wasn’t due to being pregnant (accident caused her to miscarry) and any hospital would have taken her blood to do an alcohol test that would have proven she didn’t have a drop. Unfortunately, her husband’s dad was a raging bull over the whole matter. He hated her for luring his son away from his set plan. Nor would he face the reality when the private detective provided evidence that proved the heroine innocent and his son the problem. He intimidated the detective into falsifying his report, intimidated the poor heroine, whilst she lay in her hospital bed grieving over her dead husband and baby, and then spread malicious rumors about her in their hometown. The heroine couldn’t even return home without facing some kind of harassment from the townsfolk. She stays in New Orleans till she receives news of her Aunt need help. She decides to brave the situation and go back to assist her. She has no idea the turmoil she’s facing. The father finds out she’s returning and thinks she knows about her inheritance since she’s his son’s widow(she knows nothing). He incites his other son/the hero to go after the heroine and make her sign the papers that relinquish her right to the inheritance. At first, the hero is like a bull in a china shop by unleashing his horrible behavior onto the heroine. He read the false report and feels the guilt for not helping his brother when the brother called him once for money. Yet, he sees there’s a contradiction between the detective’s report to his own observation as he spends time with the heroine. He comes to her workplace and gets the truth on her marriage to his brother by her manager. This was one of the scenes where I could see myself intervening: bartender commenting how he would throw the hero out if he weren’t a paying customer. I wouldn’t care if he was a paying customer, I would have left my boot print permanently imprinted on his Fanny!! The hero starts putting the pieces of the puzzle together, including suddenly remembering what a control freak his father is. He apologizes to the heroine for his part in hurting her since he only took his father’s and brother’s words. Next the hero confronts the detective who admits the false report and goes to see the heroine. It’s just in time too because the father got his cronies (a crooked sheriff and judge) to throw the heroine into prison on trumped charges. He scares the men into admitting his father’s part in order not to get into trouble. I would have thrown them in the jail for obstructing the course of Justice, abusing their positions of power, and accepting bribes. They go see the father with the detective’s “insurance”, a voice recording of the father denying the original report and threatening the detective to falsify it. That’s a good detective, not only does he document his conversations, but gives it away to help others. The father refuses to admit his wrongdoings and ends up having a heart attack. They rush him to the hospital and he survives. The heroine and hero exchange apologies, pour out their hearts to one another, and finally confess their love. They decide to get married and tell the father (as if that won’t start another heart attack *sarcasm*). Now, the father refuses to bless their marriage, but makes a little progress by personally apologizing to the heroine. The ending was our couple hugging each other and I thought that was enough for me. I know I usually want to see the weddings and the babies but that whole apology and ending page with the hugging was enough for me.

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