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He’s threatening her with the memories of their passionate time together…

Rachel is working hard to keep the security company left by her late fiancé afloat. One day, she receives shocking photos of her and Matthew Riordan, a powerful figure in the business world, together in bed. The sender is Matthew himself. With her company’s future at stake, she must find out what he is after while also trying to forget that passionate time with him...

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Okay, some ends left untied 3  3

Our heroine has worked hard for probably the last two years since her fiancée died in a car accident. She went from massage therapist to co-owner of her fiancée’s company with his brother as the other co-owner. So, we say three months after the fiancée’s funeral and she spends the next year and nine months, learning the ropes of running a company to making good executive decisions herself. She’s been working hard to keep her beloved fiancée’s company running despite having a strenuous relationship his brother. Yet, no matter how hard she works, the company just keeps falling deeper and deeper into the red. What’s worse is when she gets an anonymous package, full of scandalous pictures of her and another man. They insinuate the heroine engaging sexual relations with the man when the truth is the opposite. He’s one of the heroine’s clients who got drunk at her friend’s party. The friend asked her to take the guy to the cottage to sober up. As the heroine dragged the inebriated man, he fell into the pool. She dragged him out and had to undress him, so he wouldn’t catch a cold. The heroine accuses the hero that the photos are his doing but he proclaims they aren’t since his father received a similar anonymous package with the same photos. The whole thing is gave him a heart attack. They decide to join forces since they share a common mysterious enemy. They see some of the photos have been photo shopped but they need something to flush out their enemy. The hero decides to post a bigger scandal by having the paparazzi rag catch a rumor of the heroine and hero being engaged. Of course, the man doesn’t tell that until after everyone knows and he has to defend the heroine when the brother is going ballistic. The hero scares him off and then he has to deal with the heroine’ fury over his little tactic. They list their possible targets, the hero suggests the brother with the heroine refusing to believe it would be him since the scandal would only destroy the company he built together with his brother. The hero lists his evil cousin as a potential suspect. The heroine learns the about the hero’s first wife’s suicide and confronts him about it. He confesses privately that she was the evil cousin’s girlfriend till he dumped her for after learning her family shared a genetic mental illness. It didn’t matter to the jerk that she was pregnant with his child. The hero cared deeply for the girlfriend and said he would marry her. Unfortunately, being rejected by the man she loved broke the wife’s mind into aborting the child and drowning herself. Nobody but the hero and the evil cousin know about this. Things progress after the heroine moves into the hero’s house after discovering her house was burglarized with only the photos missing. She meets the hero’s parents and evil cousin who makes you want to fill your bag with bricks and take a swing at him. She also notices something strange about the brother: he apologizes to her, which is something he’s never done in addition to letting their valued new hire go. Our main couple’s relationship progresses to the next level of coitus. And from there, things go downhill. She gets a call from the evil cousin who tells her the hero was arrested for raping a girl when he was a teenager. Rather than take the pig’s word with not a grain, but a cup of salt, she believes him completely. She barely lets the hero get a word in edgewise before wailing and revealing she’s a rape victim herself. We never get the backstory of her rape but she cuts off all contact with the hero from there. She investigates on her own, getting a tip off from the fired employee that it was indeed the brother who instructed him to take the photos and fired him to cover his tracks. The heroine investigates her company’s financials and discovers the inconsistencies that led to their ruin were made by the brother. The hero appears out of nowhere with results of his own sleuthing. He threatened the evil cousin to spill everything or he pulls the kryptonite move: tell his own parents the truth behind his first marriage. Apparently, the cousin does have a soft spot for his aunt and uncle, not to mention they are considering making him heir to their company (hero has his own company). The evil cousin confessed he conspired with the brother to defame our main couple. The hero believes the brother did it to force the heroine to sell her shares to him, forcing her to leave the company and make him sole owner. They confront the brother about his plot and he reveals everything. It looks like the brother has been circulating back and forth between four of the five stages of grief. After discovering in his brother’s will that rather leaving the shares, house, and all to him like he done for the brother, his brother left it to the heroine. He turned his anger onto the heroine in spasms as he tried to bargain with himself that she would fail in running the company but fell into depression when she proved her capability. Although, it seems that in unleashing his rant, he actually come to step five of acceptance where he admits that he’s screwed up everything that both his brother and him worked so hard for. Now, the brother’s anger towards the heroine hasn’t gone away, but he makes the right choice of handing over his shares to the heroine and leaving the company. We can only hope he finds the right path to a support group or a therapist. Afterwards, the hero pulls her aside to give her his side of the rape story. Now, a girl in his hometown was found out by her parents that she lost her virginity. They demanded a name and in fear and desperation to protect her boyfriend, she lied that she was raped by the hero because she remembered him at a party she went to. The hero went through the agony of being handcuffed, hauled away by a police car, and spent time in jail. He thought the Rape kit would prove his innocence, but they didn’t even come to that because his dad showed up with solid proof of the girl’s boyfriend, thus causing her to confess. Despite he was proven innocent, the hero was treated as a sex addict by others. It turned his perspective of women into a bad one and he avoided women to great effort in fear of being accused of rape again. It was the 2nd reason why he married the first wife because he felt safe with her since she wasn’t attracted to him. However, the heroine showed him what it means to love between a man and woman. Now, the heroine believes him and we have some more confessions of love. They decide to make the their relationship a real one and go from there. The ending was nice and it’s good to see the hero has three pieces of leverage over the cousin: 1st wife, conspiracy with brother, and telling the heroine about the rape case. Although, I think he should tell the parents at least one of those things, preferably the third one. I mean, if the cousin cares for them and their word then they need to give a good scolding. I would also make the man sign a Sheldon Cooper Contract of what happens if he should ever try another stunt like that again. Plus, if the cousin cared so much about his uncle and aunt then why would he send those photos that might potentially cause harm to the uncle and aunt. Now ending was alright for me, but I was a little sad that neither the hero and heroine apologized for the whole rape ordeal. Merely saying sorry for what they had to experience from being raped to being accused of rape.

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