Historical Romance THE SAILOR'S BRIDE

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Their budding love is torn apart by war and duty…

Abigail, an archaeologist in Naples, is saved from trouble by James, a dignified naval captain. By chance, they both have business at the British Embassy, but Abigail soon realizes that James is from the aristocratic world, which couldn’t be more different from her own. But when Abigail is about to be turned down by the embassy for a job she desperately needs, James steps in to help her out!

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short and sweet, needed some “umpf”. 3  3

I know the end of my title is misspelled but I wasn’t sure how to put it down in writing. I liked how the story went along with the cast of characters in a rather whirlwind romance of the 18th Century’s end. Our heroine has taken upon her late father’s last assignment of cataloging a British Commander’s new collection of archaeological artifacts (we can only imagine how he *discovered* them). This is actually one of my favorite things about the heroine is her adaptability through traveling from England all the way to Italy without a chaperone to work as a highly educated lady. This is actually contradictory to how their society of that time had placed women in. Yet, she goes forward and is able to keep her job thanks to the Admiral’s open mind (and the hero’s encouragement). His only condition being that she work alongside one of his Sea Captain for support in how to safely transport the items without having them damaged by wind, sea, or merely being knocked around the boat. The pair clash from the hero’s insistence of his in-depth knowledge of sea life to the heroine’s vast knowledge of ancient artifacts. Then comes the ball where the heroine is dolled up and the hero is unable to look away. The sparks between the two are easy to see especially for the Admiral’s pretty wife. No, she’s not the OW but actually a mentor to the heroine. Apart from telling the heroine to live since life is too short, she gives her real good advice of their culture. One is marriage doesn’t always play to love. Second is how most common women end up being mistresses than wives to nobleman, with her being one of the few exceptions. It seems like it wouldn’t matter if the hero is the fourth son (he gets squat for an inheritance). The heroine does forget the wife’s words as she goes on a “date” with the hero. It starts off well with a picnic at the beach then takes a sour note when the hero pulls away from their 2nd base fondling as the heroine finished telling him she loved him. They distance themselves from each other and then their enemy starts closing in on their location. The hero and heroine take separate ships to escape. Then the hero realizes all the excuses he used to keep himself from holding the heroine are meaningless and that races after her. He’s able to catch them before they depart, gives this lovely proposal with the heroine responding yes. They have a “Gretna Green wedding” and rush back to the hero’s ship where the rest of their companions wait to congratulate. The hero tells the heroine his plan to retire and start his own ship. The ending was nice but I felt a bit unsatisfied. I believe despite the whirlwind romance playing well in the setting of impending war hovering over our two love birds, I kind of wished we saw a little more development between the two for the two months they were working together.

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