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The price for a passionate night is a loveless marriage?

Paige had a one-night stand with a man she was stranded in an elevator with, the night the storm took out the power. She regrets doing something so out of character, only to find out that he is the president of her new job, Jared. He tells a flustered Paige to forget that night ever happened. Four months later he comes back to work to find out her secret. "If the baby you're carrying is mine, let's get married." She can't marry someone that doesn't believe in marriage...

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I enjoyed it 4  4

For me, I liked story with the development of the characters and it’s pace. Our hero and heroine had one of the those “elevator incidents”. You know the kind where the elevator just stops and the lights go off, practically leaving you in the dark with a total stranger. The whole thing sends the heroine into a panic, only calming down through the kisses of a mysterious cowboy. One thing leads to another and they have a very short passionate affair. They discover the next morning they are secretary and boss and decided to pretend their little “pre-introduction” never happened. Of course, fate, the universe, or whoever decided they should get the prize sent by the Stork. The heroine tries to keep her new “Condition” under wraps but her friend/colleague recognizes the signs and gets the heroine to open up. She tells the woman everything except the father’s true identity. What she doesn’t know is that the father, our hero overheard the whole thing and knows he’s the father of her baby. Now, one of the things I liked about this was being able to see both lead’s perspectives throughout the story. It was good to see the hero reeling from the news that he’s going to be a dad and his very short struggle on how to approach the heroine with the news he KNOWS. The man decides to be direct and sensible, visit the heroine at her home after work. Now, I know this may seem weird to some, but the man probably doesn’t want to talk about their personal matters at workplace where someone might “eavesdrop” on a personal conversation. Plus, giving the heroine the advantage of home field for their first baby discussion shows he’s considerate. To describe their first baby conversation, it had it’s ups and downs. The downs were when the hero opened his stupid mouth about how he wanted to marry some skinny blonde as his “perfect wife” nor feeling pleased with breaking his rule, “Don’t get handsy on the employees.”. The other issue was the heroine’s choice of words, but that was based off my personal opinion. She throws the hero off by saying he doesn’t need to be involved nor needs to pay any child support. For me, the man should pay child support and if she’s not going to use it for basic necessities like food and clothes for the baby, then make a savings account for his monthly deposit that will pay for the baby’s college tuition in the future. Then there’s the fact that she’s telling he doesn’t need to be involved, disregarding the idea that both hero and baby may want each other in their lives. I mean, this woman has a great dad in her life. I would understand if she wanted nothing to do with if he was some sort of scumbag, but he hasn’t shown any such actions/words so far. We can already see her words are throwing the hero off since he expected her to demand a fortune from him. Next, he throws her off with how they would marry for the baby, stupidly noting a five-year plan. He’ll marry the “perfect wife who’s a skinny blonde” and have one son heir. He “plans” to have a weekend wedding with her in addition to her signing up pre-up and be satisfied. The heroine counts to ten in order not to throw the closet thing at his head then rejects the usual crappy Harlequin proposal (I loved the countdown). She lists the reasons of why they should marry only for love. After he rejects the love notion (Blame his selfish parents for failing to teach him family and romantic love, so wrapped up in making money and living high society life) and she pushes him right out the door with a smile. However, the hero is the type to get what he wants and his next battle tactic had me stumped of whether to call him sneaky, brave, or stupid. He drives to her parents’ house, introduces himself, and explains the situation in addition to his plans to marry the heroine. His plan works of getting them on his side to encourage the heroine to marry him. Once the hero and heroine alone, we have another conversation about their relationship, they bring up the hero’s negligent parents who never appear in the whole story. I actually think after reading the whole thing that they weren’t informed they’re going to be grandparents. The heroine tries to dissuade the hero from marrying her by stating his plans of a wife and son are even further out the window because she’s having a baby girl. Yet, it’s the hero’s reaction that shocks the heroine: he pulls her in for a passionate kiss and exclaims in excitement of having a little cute girl calling him daddy. And if they want a boy, they can try again. He even starts calling the baby Angela since she’s his little angel. I thought that part was rather endearing. The heroine still says no and it becomes a battle of persuasion from the hero sending every bouquet from the florist to the heroine’s office to having her agree to his “proposal”. Whereas the heroine starts showing him how to build relationships in terms of both familial and romantic. They go through the ups and downs in communications but find ways to work through it. They have obstacles like the heroine nursing the hero when he falls or when the hero becomes the heroine’s shoulder to cry on when her father gets injured. They come to a decision of living together to see what happens, which helps them in building their relationship. Then we get the miscarriage scare. And this finally gets them both to admit their love and confess to the other. The heroine gives a cute marriage proposal with the hero replying yes. We get an adorable wedding and the birth of their adorable girl who’s immediately showered with love. The end page was the three of them on the hero’s ranch for a picnic. A little sad we didn’t see the boy, but nevertheless, it was a good story and a good ending. I liked it a lot.

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