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I don’t need expensive clothes or jewelry. All I want is your love.

After her fiance’s betrayal, Hannah goes on an impulsive trip to a Greek resort island, where she meets the most gorgeous man that she has ever seen. Leonidas is a mysterious man with beautiful yet sorrowful eyes that Hannah cannot help but feel allured by… The two share a passionate night together, but Leonadis leaves the next morning with a note telling Hannah to forget anything happened, which is also the moment she realizes that she spent the night with Leonadis Stathakis, one of the most successful billionaires in the world! As heart broken as she is, Hannah tries to move on from her one-night lover, except for one problem… She’s pregnant! She tells the baby daddy the news, but Leonadis is devastated to know he made the biggest betrayal to his late wife and son… he tries to atone for it by proposing to Hannah, but promises there will never be love in their marriage…

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A little slow, but has good content 4  4

Our heroine and hero are individuals who have suffered from family and love loss. Our hero grew up under his tyrannical father’s iron grip in a cold environment. Then he married happily and had a little boy till his father’s enemies wanted get “revenge” on the father for his shady business by killing the hero’s wife and little boy. It didn’t matter to them that the man was already in prison for life for his crimes. The traumatic loss caused the hero to wholly believe he was solely responsible for their murders simply because they were connected to him. I would like to take a moment and just say on record that the hero is not at fault because: 1) the only people are guilty in this situation are the ones who would without hesitation kill a mother and small child & 2) the hero didn’t know this would happen. From then on, the hero has been barred himself from forming any kind of relationship as a manner of atoning for his family’s deaths. Our heroine has gone through the wringer of losing her parents at a young age then placed under the guardianship of her abusive aunt and evil cousin. Then she meets her fiancée and believes love is finally in her reach till she catches him in bed with the evil cousin. She goes on a vacation to find her strength and confidence back through the act of popping her cherry. I personally don’t think it’ll work because the last thing the heroine wants/needs is a man who’ll say anything just to have a hanky panky. She meets the hero at a bar and with emotions high up in the air, they have a crazy one-night stand that ends with the hero immensely regretting doing deed. He books it as the heroine sleeps, leaving only a note that they should forget last night and it should never have happened. The poor heroine is humiliated and was probably planning to forget the whole thing till the double lines sign on her pregnancy stick appeared. Now, I was real impressed of her courage in tracking down the hero to inform him of incoming, “Stork on their doorstep”. Her news isn’t well taken by the hero but he insists on marrying without love. The heroine refuses his crummy proposal but he backs her into a corner that she CAN’T refuse and will be coming with him to his stronghold. He gets her to quickly submit by revealing the truth behind his wife and son’s deaths. Now, one may think the heroine should altogether refuse the man, make a dash, and jump off the boat. However, I understood why the heroine didn’t put up a fight since I might have done the same if put in that situation. Imagine the fear from the uncertainty of that your unborn child might die because of a disgruntled business person. Yet, I was incredibly peeved at the hero’s demands,” I won’t allow you to leave this island without my permission. Not even a step outside.” It was pretty sad that the only person who congratulated the heroine of her pregnancy was the housekeeper, bringing the poor girl to tears. However, the heroine is strong and pushes hard to communicate with the hero. Things do seem to get better with the heroine talking about her childhood, encouraging the hero to do the same. Then he pulls back of how they shouldn’t make a relationship and we get this repeat cycle. It doesn’t matter than man goes back on his word of “imprisoning” the heroine in his mansion by taking her out to Paris where her parents had their honeymoon. Nor when the man starts smiling again in her presence. By the time, they start flying back to his fortress, he’s back to chanting his usual mantra of, “No love in the relationship,”. The heroine realizes right there that her efforts are meaningless if the hero is unable to find it in himself to open up. So, she tells him if there’s no love for the baby and her then there’s no reason why she should stay. They separate & don’t see each other for months, despite the hero keeping tabs on her. Their whole separation has sent the hero into a downward spiral of total 24/7 work mode in order to not think about the heroine and the loneliness he feels from her absence for the next four months. He’s become as his brother describes: a zombie. His brother being a good sibling gives him some gold nuggets of wisdom. Immediately, the hero gets news the heroine is going into labor a month before her due date. I did like seeing him dash to the helicopter and his proclamation that HIS daughter is about to born. As well as him barreling through the maternity doors as the heroine finishes telling the nurses there’s no one for her to call. The hero takes her hand and encourages her as she fights to bring their daughter in the world. It’s a very moving moment and their little girl is safely delivered without any complications. It’s a couple more hours of finishing up, cleaning, and such before our couple talk. The heroine starts telling the hero he can go but he states he wants to stay. He gives this wonderful from the heart speech of his pain, struggles, and how she helped him face it all. He confesses his love and asks her to marry him. She says yes and we see the brother keeping out the nurse for a bit longer as our family of three hold and cuddle each other.

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