Historical Romance HER REBEL LORD

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The bittersweet romance of lovers in turbulent times…

While a rebellion rages on, Jenna lives with her father in the safety of a Scottish castle. One night, her cousin shows up bleeding from wounds and asks her to find Duncan, the hero of the Jacobite forces. She heads for a tavern on the outskirts of the city and is saved from sudden danger by a dark-haired man with a silver cross around his neck. After stealing a kiss from her, the man is revealed to be Duncan himself! The next day, Lord Byrne, a cheerful blond English nobleman, arrives at the castle. He looks nothing like Duncan, but there is something familiar about his eyes…

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Note: There will be some history facts I looked up for clarification. The timeline is in 1746 in Scotland; a time where parts of the British army was occupying the country, much to the chagrin of the locals. The battle between Scotland and England has gone on for centuries from claiming land then branching out into a number of issues like culture and religious differences. If you want to look further into this, watch “Outlander”. Our heroine is a mix of both worlds with a Scottish mother and an English dad. Her dad is also a soldier with a nasty reputation among the Scottish rebels called the Jacobites. The title is Latin for James who was a King of Scotland and led a huge rebellion so huge that it threw the British off their kilter. They hated seeing their monarch get kicked off his throne by the English in addition to heavy taxes, rules, and policies inflicted on the Scottish by the British. You need an example of British oppression on Scotland, watch Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart.”. I’m just throwing out interesting facts to help the viewer to get a sense of what exactly is going on in this historical point. Now, our heroine grew up surrounded by the talk of ongoing wars between the British and Jacobites as well as seeing what negative effect it put on her family with her mother dying of heartbreak from seeing her beloved husband killing her countrymen to her father trying to make amends by giving the local Scottish a comfortable life. Our heroine decided to take action herself by becoming a healer, which is not someone a noble lady usual does(Be impressed that a woman has a career in that age). As she heads home one night, she stumbles upon her severely wounded maternal male cousin who reveals his allegiance to the Jacobite cause. She seeks the help of one of his comrades who assists in sneaking him into her castle. The comrade turns out to be our hero who makes rude remarks about the heroine’s background. However, the heroine bites back that he has his own burdens from the lives he’s taken on the battlefield. Their spats come to a halt as the British soldiers’ hunt for the heroine’s cousin get too close to his hidden location. The heroine also gets the chance to see the hero is just like her; mixed heritage with a Scottish dad and an English mother. His father wanted to join the Jacobite cause, but he held back for the sake of his wife. The hero saw the pain it wrought on his father to see his countrymen killed, while he did nothing. It’s one of the reasons why the hero joined the Jacobite cause and is currently smuggling his comrades to France. The heroine offers the hero her help, proclaiming she can heal and be a spy for their cause. I wasn’t too pleased with her request because she was in the “heat of justice and glory”, The woman somehow plugged out the potential consequences if she was discovered aiding the Jacobites by the English crown’s soldiers. I mean the hero knows his risk but does the heroine really know what her “risks” are? Apart from losing her life (or possibly being raped by British soldiers), she puts the lives of her father who she swore to care for the rest of her life along with the villagers she’s healed for years in danger. The hero tries to dissuade her, but she remains unmoved and thus, leaves him unable to refuse her request. They smuggle the cousin to safety, speak confessions of love, have one night of hot passion. Then the hero suddenly disappears on the heroine. The heroine despite being heartbroken understands his vanishing act. Later, she sees the signs that she’s pregnant with his kid. The woman barely has time to wonder what to do when she receives word the hero is walking into a trap. She goes to warn him; but he catches her by saying he knew about the trap and set his own. They kiss, he disappears on her again, and she makes the decision to have the bear the baby and raise it with all the love. The next morning, the hero announces himself to the heroine and her father as himself the English nobleman. He tells her he’s finished his Scottish persona and fighting for the Jacobite army. Thus, all he wants to do now is marry her. She says yes and hints to him that they’re also expecting a child. The ending page is them being married but no red-haired baby.

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