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A fated love that begins with a blind date!

All the dates her overprotective sister introduces her to are boring stiffs, so Josie plans to scare the latest one off with a new, rebellious look. But the moment she lays eyes on the handsome man she’s been set up with, she’s instantly smitten! Nick, who came to turn down the date on behalf of his friend, is also taken by Josie at first sight…and fails to explain the real reason he’s there!

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Quite the Read, with all the plays & Musicals 5  5

*NOTE*: It’s actually really good and if you don’t want any spoilers then don’t read ahead of this review. In the search of finding our marriageable partner, soulmate, or the “One”; most people of this world share a generic view. We want someone who’ll love us for us, respect us, have good communication, honesty, and so forth. However, there are certain attributes that not everyone is going to share with the next person. Some people want someone who’s all for white water kayaking whereas another person prefers a foodie who will travel all around a city’s food truck stops. It’s also not fun when someone tries to force another into blind dates with people who they find unlikeable in addition to haveing incredibly similar characteristics from the last onto because THE MATCHMAKER THINKS THIS IS THE PERFECT PERSON FOR YOU WHEN IT’S REALLY FOR THEMSELVES!!!! And that’s what happening in this quirky harlequin. The heroine is the younger sister who has a mother Hen for an older sister. The woman has been the heroine’s guardian and support since their parents’ death. However, the woman has taken it upon herself to play Yente from “Fiddler on the Roof”. It’s the whole “Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Bring me a match”, except the older sister thinks her younger sister needs a man to support her and won’t try to find a man herself until the heroine does. I felt in this moment, it was the reverse of Shakespeare’s, “Taming of the Shrew”. The poor heroine is stuck between a rock and a hard place for a number of reasons: (1) She loves her sister and is both appreciative and grateful for how she’s supported and sacrificed for the heroine. Yet, the heroine is no rush to get married because she wants to date, explore, and such before being forever bonded to another guy. (2) In the heroine’s eyes, all the men the sister has set her up with are extremely boring WHO WANT A WIFE & MOTHER!!!! She tries to tell the sister to let her find a man on her own time and take a little time for herself, but her sister refuses because it’s HER choice. Not the heroine’s choice, but the SISTER’S CHOICE. I felt a sense that the sister was some sort of modern “Emma” if you know your Jane Austen. I also take it the sister never listened the song from Mammia Mia, “Seventeen” or Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls just wanna have fun”. The heroine decides to do rebel by dressing up as a harlot and scare the next guy off. Only it turns out the boring guy couldn’t make it and asked his adventurous friend, the hero to replace him. The whole thing turns into quite a party that ends with the heroine and the hero having coitus. Thus, sending our couple into a pot of complicated feelings. Both loved their time together; they share a connection of being constrained by family members when they simply want to have fun. Yet, they’re freaking out on how to deal with their friend/sister since the heroine never reported back to the sister who now thinks the guy she recommended had her way with her innocent little sister. The heroine also thinks the hero is still the boring guy who’s practically flipping out about the whole mess. I did like how the hero defended the heroine’s honor when the boring guy was slandering her name, thus revealing he likes the sister. So, the hero decides to play Cupid in helping his friend get the sister. Now, I’m starting to see this scenario play out like Shakespeare’s, “Midsummer night’s dream,” and that means we’re going to get a lot more confusing situations since the hero’s identity is still not revealed. Now, the friend sends a gift to the sister, but the heroine thinks it’s the hero and is upset by this. So, she refuses his offer for a date and he learns the friend sent the gift before the hero could clear the air. Hahahahahahaha. He finally reveals his identity and even has a trusted friend of the heroine’s verify his identity. Once the air is cleared, the two conspire together in getting the sister and the friend MATCHED. I found myself just unable to stop chuckling from the sister/friend’s date, watching their inner struggles of wanting to hold hands and stay longer together. It seems to be going well till the sister finds out about the switched identities with the heroine being with a man she deemed as UNSUITABLE. From there, she goes on a complete rampage and inciting a fight that ends with the both of them refusing to see each other. Now, the hero and heroine have to figure out how to get the two back together or they can say good-bye to their own romance. These types of situations usually call for sit-down, couch talk, or in extreme measures “The Intervention”. Unfortunately, they start blaming their friend/sister for the mess, thus inciting their own fight. It amazes how we went from “Midsummer Night’s Dream” to “Much ado about nothing” with this fight. Thankfully, they get an intervention with the help of the hero’s grandfather, a true man of common-sense wisdom. He conspires with the patients and staff at the heroine’s nursing home to help the heroine in her relationship and tell the sister to back off on being so invasive in the heroine’s love life. When the sister finds out the heroine is still dating the hero, she goes on her usual rampage and ORDERS the heroine to break up with the hero. This was the moment when the straw was dropped and broke the camel’s back. The heroine screams back at the sister that her relationship with the hero is her own and the sister shouldn’t force her dreams onto her. She runs out with the sister collapsing in shock. She runs to the hero in a complete drunken state and they have a hot night. Meanwhile, the sister is drowning in her sorrows of how much she sacrificed for her sister who hates her so much and runs into the depressed Friend who’s loss of what it means to be Ideal. Next morning, the hero is freaking out because they forgot protection. He barely lets the woman process the thought before shaking her awake and proclaiming to her half-drowsed hang over state that he’ll take responsibility by getting married. His statement was enough to sober her up and slap the heck out of him. She dumps him and he’s in a complete mess till his grandfather whips the depressed man into shape with more of his good advice along with the news that he’s remarrying one of the heroine’s widowed patients. The heroine finally meets the friend who tells her he proposed to her sister and the sister accepted. He apologizes for the initial misunderstanding and gives her an opportunity to make amends with her sister. However, it turns out to be the hero who was given a ticket by the sister. The sister even apologized to him for her rude behavior from the past years. They talk and the hero proposes to the heroine. He gives a lovely love speech with the heroine declaring she loves him too. In the end, we have a wonderful triple wedding with the sister/friend, the grandfather/widowed patient, and the hero/heroine. No kids but that was fine with me. The whole story was fun and exciting to read with all the scenes I could associate with musicals and plays. It was definitely worth renting because the message tells the reader of how not everyone is going to share the same attributes you want in your special person. However, what matters is the person making a friend/ family member happy and healthy for heart, mind, and body.

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