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He taught passion to a girl too young to know what love was…

If it hadn’t been for Gray’s request, Stephanie would never have returned home. Ten years ago, it was here that she’d defied her parents and gotten married at eighteen. Her happiness, however, was short-lived. Her husband became violent and abusive, and after a huge argument, he lost his life after sailing out into a stormy sea. Ever since then, his cousin Gray has been the only one to stand by Stephanie. But now, seeing him again after so long, he seems different from before—sexier and much more dangerous to her heart!

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It needed a little more. 3  3

I think the plot was okay, but it would have been better if tempo was a little faster. This is quite unusual for me because I usually want the story’s pace to slow down and take a breather. Yet, this is a story where I wanted things to speed up. An example is the romance developing between our main characters, which I wanted more couple activities outside of them feverishly working to get their yacht ready. You know like walks, movies, board games and such. Just something to connect them closer other than their project and tragic past. So, we start at the beginning when the hero and heroine first met (this is chronologically by the way). Both parties were smitten with each other at first, but the hero decided to show restraint since she was seventeen and he was twenty-two. However, the hero has an enemy who would later become the heroine’s husband. We learn the enemy was the hero’s cousin. The hero had been taken by his aunt and uncle after his parents died. The son had an insecurity complex against the hero and would take any opportunity to “win” against the hero. The opportunity arose in the form of the heroine. The guy probably saw his chance to one up the hero by stealing the girl he liked. So, he wooed the naïve heroine into his iron clutches and holy matrimony. From then, he maintained a façade of a happy husband till the curtains were drawn and he abused the heroine. The poor heroine had no idea what started this change and unfortunately got brainwashed by the guy that it was all her fault. It’s only a year into the marriage till the guy dies at sea and the blame is laid on the heroine with only the hero being her champion. The whole thing was already too much for her and she leaves. Does the hero go after her? No, for a number of reasons like respecting her space, under the impression she loves her husband, and other silly things. They kept in contact through email until the hero asks her to come back to help him. The heroine comes because in-laws are dead and she wants to return the favor. She comes back and sees this beautiful woman (happily married, great person) get close to the hero. The heroine hits it way out of the ballpark under the misconception that the two are in love and can’t be together since the OW is married. When she finally confronts the hero about it, he leads her on about how her assumption is true and requests her help by pretending to be his lover. The heroine decides to go along with it and the hero hopes this helps her get over his cousin, having no idea of the trauma the man left on her. We get some flashbacks and then one slip of the tongue reveals to the hero that the cousin abused the heroine. He encourages her to speak up and she does after a bottle of wine. She reveals being abused emotionally, mentally, and physically. It’s good, but she hasn’t told him the whole truth. The hero helps the heroine overcome her fear of the sea that she once loved and in doing so, learns the depth of his cousin’s true evil: his attempt to kill the heroine. The man made the heroine go out on a yacht in the middle of storm without a life vest. Then when she was clinging to the boat’s edge for dear life, the husband ripped her hands off the edge, so she could drown and he would be free. Unfortunately, the coast guard saved her but her shock gave him a chance to weave a lie that got him out for attempted murder. The day of the race is the day the heroine finally admits to herself that she loves the hero (still under the assumption he loves the OW), she decides to tell the hero. That is until she sees him smiling at the OW and chickens out. She plans to slip away without anyone noticing but the OW does. Now, I loved the OW in this part; she pulls the “fairy godmother” move I’d like to call it. She notices the heroine driving away, throws the hero into the car with her in the driver’s seat, and then races after the heroine. She’s able to catch the heroine, gets out of the car, and confesses the whole thing was a hoax because the hero is in love with the heroine and has been for the last eleven years. She leaves the two work things out and I loved that scene. Back to our hero and heroine, they talk things out, confess their love, and the hero asks the heroine to marry him. She happily says yes in tears and their end is going back to work because they’re getting a lot of job requests for their new yacht. It was a nice story with the hero helping the heroine overcome her past trauma, but I wanted a little more.

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