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I'll never let you go. This is the story of eldest son of the wealthy McCarran family and the best love of his life.

At nineteen, Anne is old enough to leave the school where she was raised, but she stays to care for the other children there. One day, Ian Sinclair suddenly appears before her, a man whom Anne’s father had declared in his will would be her guardian. As the two live together and grow to know one another, they fall in love. But Ian knows Anne must find happiness with someone more suited for her, someone younger and healthier, especially considering his secret…

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a delight 4  4

The hero believes he’s been dealt the losing hand when he hears that his least favorite person in the world; the horrible Colonel who sacrificed the hero and many men to save himself nominated the hero as the guardian to his daughter. The hero goes to a boarding school, expecting to meet a child. Imagine his stunned look upon seeing his ward is a full-grown woman. This would be a heroine who barely knows anything about her father. The heroine immediately makes a positive impression on the hero by politely declining his offer, showing her independence of becoming the school’s newest teacher. However, both hero and headmistress manage to persuade to come with the hero as a “vacation”, when really both hero and headmistress are in total sync to find the heroine a marriage proposal. The heroine astounds the hero when they’re accosted by highwaymen and the heroine knocks one of them out. The heroine starts taking her lessons on how to be a proper lady and land a catch. During these classes, the heroine and hero fall in love. However, the hero gives a number of reasons why the heroine shouldn’t be with him. Once the season begins, the heroine finds a suitor pretty quickly who knew her father as well. Although, the man is nice, the heroine can’t find herself to love him. She tells the hero and then professes her love for him. He rejects her feelings and at the next party, things go downhill. The heroine is introduced to the father of one of the soldiers that her father abandoned. Upon hearing her last name, the man lashes out and smears her name and character purely based on her father. The man doesn’t even know the heroine but has cruelly determine the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Her suitor defends her honor and challenges the elderly man to a duel. The whole thing has unfortunately opened the heroine’s eyes to how her presence hasn’t been well welcomed. She leaves the hero a letter, full of apologies for what a disturbance her presence has caused and heads back to the school. On the day of the Duel, the hero is shot and the heroine is informed by the suitor. She goes with him to see the “dying” hero, not knowing the spider’s trap she’s fallen into. We skip to the hero’s scene where the bullet was a mere graze. As he’s being scolded by the doctor, he receives new information that the heroine is actually a wealthy heiress and the one person who kept coming after her was the suitor who had to have gone through her father’s papers, thus discovering the money she inherited. It explains why he never stopped going after her and a number of other things like how he “rescued” them from a mob. As they travel, the heroine soon realizes something is amiss and the suitor brags about his plans to marry her with her fortune through any means necessary. Thankfully, the heroine is able to fight him off tooth and nail before the hero comes crashing through the door. The suitor gets killed and the hero pulls the heroine in for a comforting hug. We get heart to heart love confessions. Next, they elope to Gretna Green and we see the end page being them enjoying a picnic with their family. It was all around a satisfactory and delight to read.

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