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If I could rescue his heart from the loneliness of the old castle...

Abby was proposed to by the beautiful Duke Benedict, who was rumored to be the best groom in the world. She accepted in a dreamy mood, but ran away from the wedding when she found out he had a mistress. The whole of England criticized me for leaving the duke at the altar, and I can never hope to marry again. But that's okay. Three months later, Abby was traveling in a carriage when a storm hits, and she sought help at a nearby mansion, where it turned out Benedict, his mistress, and a gossipy socialite were staying...

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A goodie! 5  5

Oh my golly!! I was in such a twist in deciding if I should write a short review on how great a read it was since I don’t want to show any spoilers. However, I really wanted write a long one because there’s so much going on. In the end, I opted to write a long one because I have a lot to say. I’ll start off at the very beginnings for our main couple with their family backgrounds. The both of them share crummy dads who mistreated their wives, had many mistresses, and had not a single moral bone in their body. Seeing these toxic marriages helped our main couple determine what they want in their own marriages: no infidelity and to respect their counterpart and vice versa. We get to see both of their perspectives from the time they first met that they were absolutely smitten with each other. Then we see a couple of issues popping up like the hero dancing with another woman and causing the heroine to think he likes the OW when the man is really too shy to ask the heroine. Then there was the hero who made a mistake of seeing the father who made marriage talk more like a business negotiation rather than talk to the heroine herself. After that was the rumor: the hero has a mistress. And when you first look at it from the eyes of someone living in the mid 19th century, it does look like it. So, the heroine disappears (was drugged by her mom to sleep deeply on her wedding day so she would miss it. It’s because the woman didn’t want her to have a marriage like hers.) and the hero is left standing at the altar. Three months pass before they’re reunited thanks to the storm and we already see there’s a difference between how smart the heroine is compared to her dim bulb of a mother on a GREAT many things like their social culture for one. A great example is how little awareness the woman displays when openly trying to find another match for her daughter at the very same dining table with the man who her daughter ditched only three months ago. I was even more surprised that she didn’t think the social ruin she put her daughter through and under the belief that a mere three months would be enough time for the rumors to die down. I mean a reputation or even an image takes decades to make, seconds to destroy, and twice as long as the first to build it back up again. Next part are some bonuses: the heroine literally telling the hero the main problem in their marriage was the fact he had a mistress. I was so pleased that the woman didn’t drag it out, beat around the bush, or finally reveal the problem only ten pages from the end!! She tells him before we even hit the 30 page mark, I was so happy!!! Her statement shocks the hero because he doesn’t have a mistress: the OW is secretly his paternal half-sister who the father assumed “guardianship” when he saw how her beauty would make him rich and sold her off the richest and oldest man in the country. He doesn’t get it till his sister says, it’s rumor amongst their society where it’s normal for a nobleman to have a mistress. Now, the hero knows what the problem is and decides to win the heroine’s good graces in hopes she’ll marry him again. However, he’s been strong armed by his sister not to reveal their blood relation because she enjoys being titled as a widow more than illegitimate child. For me, I would pulled the three of them in the room, have the hero tell the heroine truth with sister confirming it. The heroine being considerate and smart would have definitely kept the whole thing a secret. Yet, they don’t do that and we go through roller coaster of emotions, bad/perfect timing, and more! I found it extremely enjoyable and by the end of the story, our main couple have a shotgun wedding with all the people who care about them (father isn’t there and thank goodness). It’s a great ending, I was hoping that we get a scene where the father get the coals raked on his head for being such jerk about everything. Nevertheless, the content, cast of characters, and ending was too good for me in deciding they should lose a star over the crummy dad.

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