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I can't let him know... My true identity, and my love.

Faith, a tour guide, suddenly found out that the company she worked for had gone bankrupt. She lost her house and her job and was at a loss at the airport when she happened to meet a man who was looking for a guide. She was successfully hired as a temporary guide, but when she heard his name, she froze. Dominic Beresford! He's an aristocrat from the same upper class as me! My true identity...I can't let him know that I'm the missing heiress to the Fowlmere family... But as she learnt more about Dominic's kindness and the scars of his painful past, she began to fall for him...

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Our heroine has been hiding from her birth name for the last three years from a scandal. What happened? Well before the scandal happened, she watched her ignorant naïve father destroy their family home and financial status through his gambling addiction and somehow retained the mindset he could get out of his mess by continuing on with his antics. Whereas her mother pretended they were still rich in order to preserve her image. Their behavior disgusted the heroine so much that she rebelled by dyeing her blond hair to black and acting out at parties. Unfortunately, there was only one time she didn’t act out when she was comforting (simply hug and words as he sobs) a rock star friend over his wife leaving with the kids. Some paparazzi hyena caught a picture and spun it into a thousand tales. The heroine tried to state her innocence by telling the truth, but people would rather believe the lies than the truth. So, she disappeared and spent the next years as an amazing tour guide around Europe, avoiding England at any cost. That is until her tourist agency claims bankruptcy, withholds her latest check, and leaves her to deal with latest party of agitated tourists. The resourceful heroine is able to get them all flights home without additional costs. As she ponders what to do, she overhears a man complaining about canceled reservations and all in London. His situation is right up the heroine’s alley and she’s opportunist. The heroine pulls the whole elevator speech and is able to get hired by the hero after completing his challenge to prove her capability. Despite the heroine’s reluctance to return home, she knows she can’t let go of chance she’s been given. They manage to impress their American investors, one of them I want to give a whackin’ for his “grab hands”. I like how the heroine handled him and the hero's response to send the guy packing. However, the heroine wants to keep the whole thing under wraps since it will only lead to her identity being revealed. Things start escalating slowly, but the hero’s sister notes her brother is indeed attracted to the heroine when he commented on her clothes. It’s something he’s never done even with his ex-fiancée. Then we get the hero’s backstory where having a nobleman for father and then his mother running off with a wealthy businessman whose action caused his father to send their family finances and home into ruin. The whole scandal sent the paparazzi hyenas howling at their doors with only the young hero to deal with them. The whole thing encouraged the hero to become a workaholic in order to bring his family and home out of debt. Then his fiancée posts a video of her affair with another man because the hero always placed her second to his work. So, she wanted him to hurt that way she had been by posting on online her affair, thus showing he has become as they use to say in the old day “cuckhold”. This would have hurt his image that he worked so hard to keep clean. We do find out later from the sister that he didn’t do a good job of treating his fiancée right; example: never said happy birthday to her at all on her bloomin’ birthday because he was focused on his work and sent her birthday gift that his secretary picked out. Yeah, he didn’t treat her right. They do talk about themselves with the heroine leaving out her whole scandal (wouldn’t blame her), then their relationship progresses where they enjoy a night out on the town with the pelicans and amazing hole in the wall Italian cooking. They finally hit home base that would have ended marvelously if a dang paparazzi hyena hadn’t recognized the heroine and taken a picture of them both (clothes were on but the heroine’s hair was disheveled) at a hotel as he shouted the heroine’s birth name. Right there, the hero goes 180 degrees change to a massive jerk. He goes on about how the heroine loves a scandal and to protect his image, he’ll have his PR make an interview where he’s helping mend the broken bond between her parents and her. Right then, I liked the heroine because she wasn’t going to subject herself to his criticism and. Although, I was sad she left him to deal with the scandal, I was more glad that she left the guy. She returns home to find her parents haven’t changed too much but decides to help her dad in rebuilding their family into one of those tourist destinations. She throws herself into the project and forget the hero. The hero is having a harder time forgetting her with all the black lash he’s dealt from their photo together like losing their American investors. The man thankfully has his sensible sister there to give him a firm scolding and a new perspective on the heroine. She makes him reflect upon himself and remember the paparazzi like to stretch the truth in order to get more hype that gets more papers sold. He visits the heroine and gets her side of the story from earlier. I did like that she apologized to him for leaving him to deal with the whole paparazzi and he apologized for his behavior towards her. Though, the heroine takes the chance to make the Final Good bye to him and he backs off for the day. Next, he admits to his sister that he plans to marry the heroine. The woman is shocked since he’s skipping way too many steps, commenting on what’s his plan to get the heroine to even agree to a coffee date. I was curious on what route the hero would take in trying to win the heroine with the most common being financing her family’s project. Yet, I didn’t think the money route would be a good idea since the project is HERS. He gets his sister to bring the heroine back to London where he intercepts her at the bus station. What he does next actually really impressed me: he takes her to all the public places from a double decker bus to the London Eye with the comment that they are just themselves for today. He lets her know that he doesn’t care what people think and wants to be with her for her. He proposes and she says yes and we get a cute ending.

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