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Reunited so long after their young love was torn apart…

When she was eighteen, top model Lydia fell in love with Blaine. He proposed to her and life seemed perfect. Then one day a phone call from Blaine’s father shattered everything. Eleven years later, Lydia arrives on the island of Bermuda to start work as a nanny for a young boy. There she finds Blaine, still as handsome as ever. Will passion and secrecy continue to torment her heart?

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3.5 There's a good amount of betrayal 4  4

We have another “Reunion with bitter feelings” harlequin romance. Our couple met when the heroine was only 18 and in the spotlight of models and photographers. She met the hero, who was on the rise in the business world and they immediately fell in love. Sadly, as we see throughout the book that not everyone was happy with this union like the hero’s dad. He used his resources to make the heroine to lose her gigs, drag her name through the mud till he finally called her into his office and delivered the killing blow (Spoiler: revealed he was her biological daughter). The devastated heroine believes him because why else would he be lying in addition to the fact she has no idea who her father is . We can thank her mother for the numerous affairs she had over the decades. They set the stage to denounce the heroine and have her break up with the hero who’s totally heartbroken from the heroine’s “betrayal”. The heroine disappears from the modeling world and becomes a nanny for her friend’s agency. Eleven years pass and the friend sees the hero has requested a nanny to help his son who has become blind from a car accident that killed her mother. Despite her good intentions, the friend makes extremely stupid decision by sending the heroine there as the new nanny. What drove her to this scheme? Well, friend wanted to help the heroine overcome her long old pain by hoping they, meaning two hurt people would talk to each other. Yeah, I can understand that you want the best for your friend, but sending them all the way to a guy who hates them & won’t believe a word they say in order to clear the air won’t help. And I’m right on the ball, the hero wants nothing to do with the heroine nor does the heroine want to be there. There’s a lot of biting remarks from the hero but the heroine doesn’t say too much and a smart thing because she might end up revealing the whole truth. However, the heroine develops a close relationship with the blind son who shows he’s more than capable and gives her some inside information. She learns the accident was instigated by the wife after she discovered an old picture of the heroine in the hero’s desk. It sounds like even though he married the woman less than a year after breaking up with the heroine, he still hadn’t moved on from her. Things progress as the hero moves from being rude to civil and then kind to the heroine. Then in comes the hero’s mother (Spoiler: she was in cahoots with the father about the whole betrayal thing and knows even more information). The woman shows no hesitation in making the heroine feel unwelcome, whilst throwing the latest bridal candidate onto the hero’s path. The heroine learns from the son that he hates the newest “girlfriend” because she treats him as baby. We finally come to the climax where the hero and heroine go from talking to arguing and the heroine finally spilling the whole truth about being his half-sister. Despite being in utter disbelief, the hero actually believes her in horror. The mean mom walks in to support the “truth” and tells the heroine to leave since she’s only tormenting her family. The woman even says she’ll pay the heroine for her silence, but the heroine surprises her by refusing the money. I personally don’t know why the mother seemed so shocked by it because the heroine had eleven years, ELEVEN YEARS to sell that information to the paparazzi. Yet, she never did and it should have proven to the mother how good of a person the heroine is. The heroine returns home, receiving a thousand apologies from her friend. She slowly starts making her way back to the modeling world. Suddenly, the hero appears before her with startling news. It turns out neither of them are related to the hero’s father because he was sterile. It sounds like the hero’s parents went through some sort of secret artificial donation insemination or deal to create the hero. And around the time the hero and heroine were dating, there was a huge deal going around in his company with another that depended on the hero marrying the other party’s daughter for a company merger. The father didn’t want anything like the heroine to get in the way and created the lie with the help of his life. The hero talks about how his father later regretted his decision because he saw the pain of betrayal had impacted on his son. Yet, he couldn’t bear to tell him in fear of losing his son’s trust and love. The only way the hero discovered the truth was the mother confessed it. She saw after the heroine left for a second time of how miserable her son was and couldn’t bear to see him go through the pain a second time. She wishes for the two to be happy. We get confessions of love and a wedding proposal. It was an alright romance, but not really my cup of tea.

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