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Who is this strange man that has completely captured my heart?

Nicola heads to Italy after her late friend John leaves her a large inheritance, including a mansion in Venice. Along the way, she meets Dominic and falls in love. She shares a passionate night with him, only to find him gone in the morning. He was the first man Nicola had shared a bed with since she lost her husband, but to Dominic, it was probably just a one-night stand. But what heartbroken Nicola doesn’t know is that Dominic has a meticulously planned scheme waiting for her…

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okay, not really exciting for me. 3  3

The story begins when the heroine is informed that her recently deceased friend left her a large inheritance and mansion in Venice, Italy. The whole thing is rather shocking to her as to why would the man leave such a large gift for her when they only knew each other for six months. They met when the heroine helped him when he was ill spell. After that, they connected on being widow/widower along with dealing the pain of their loss. The two developed a platonic friendly relationship that amounted to six months of lunches, coffee breaks, and such. The heroine is unsure of what to do till her friends encourage her to take the opportunity to view her inheritance as a vacation. It’s a good idea considering she hasn’t been on a vacation since her husband’s death. She travels via car through Europe to Venice, ready to make a new step in her life. Along the way, she gets the funny feeling that she’s being watched by stranger in a trench coat. I’m not exactly sure if the illustrator intentionally made this side character look so obviously “sneaky” with the trench coat and all. I mean, their locations are in the middle of bloomin’ summer when it’s hot and sunny. Who wears a freakin’ trench coat in that climate? Then the heroine is saved by our hero who literally sweeps her off her feet. They have lunch and chitchat. The heroine does wonder during their conversation if some of the hero’s phrases towards her are sarcasm. However, the woman is quite seduced at the end of the night, leading to a hot night with the guy. Unfortunately, the whole thing turns out to be a one-night stand with the hero completely disappearing on her the next morning. Thankfully, the heroine is a tough girl and continues driving on to Venice. She finally arrives in Venice and is flabbergasted upon the size and majestic atmosphere of her inheritance. Then she gets knocked out when running away from the mysterious steps that she assumes are the man in the trench-coat. She wakes up to the Hero’s face who is identified as the dead friend’s son (later, revealed to be stepson). She starts piecing together that he’s the one conspiring with the trench-coat, went through her stuff at the hotel, and more. She escapes for a mere second before the hero finds her and demands to know why she escaped. She confronts him on his Private eye who he does admit that he hired out of curiosity and clarifies he’s a stepson. Then he accuses her of hooking up with his stepdad, which she states their relationship was platonic. Of course, the hero doesn’t believe her. She deciphers from their conversation that the hero had a strained relationship between his parents upon hearing his mother was marrying for love to the friend only a few years after his father’s death. The man doesn’t believe there was love, voicing his suspicion that the friend was a GD and so is the heroine. From what it sounds in their whole conversation, hero didn’t like the idea of his mother going from “arranged” to love when she pressured him to go “arranged”. It seemed to make a negative impact on him. He pushes her into staying at his place based off her injury. They talk more about the dead friend. Yet, I wasn’t really impressed with the hero because he understandably wouldn’t take the heroine’s word about JUST being friends with his stepfather, but he offered to change their one-night stand into a “friends with benefits”. And the same can be said for the heroine. Not only did she find out in six hours that her rude one-night stand was tailing her, accusing of shacking with his stepdad; but had the gaul to offer a sexual relationship. However, the worst part was the fact she barely held out a good three hours before falling back into bed with this guy. I get it’s been a long time since you had sexual intercourse and maybe the hero was really good that night. But for goodness sake, woman!!! Pull yourself together, have some standards, or don’t coitus until the air is cleared!!! The next morning, previous night’s issue are put on the backburner as the hero plays tour guide to the heroine and even buys her jewelry. We’re introduced to the hero’s younger brother who turns out to be a whiner, lazy bum, and thief. Why? He complains about not getting access to his trust fund till he’s 30 because he wants to put his money into some investments and this doesn’t make sense to me. He whine about having no money, but he has a JOB that makes money ( a lot of money to me if I may add). The kind of money he can put into his “investments”. Yet, he not only does he refuses to use the little money he’s “earned” from the JOB he was GIVEN; he shows little effort in his current occupation by skipping out at a company meeting. If the man is so upset by not having his own money, here’s a brilliant idea: DO YOUR JOB AND EARN SOME!! The younger brother wastes no time in smearing his brother’s character, exaggerating his woes, and trying to garner the heroine’s sympathies. The heroine isn’t dumb with how she sees his choices when he takes her to a casino to lose money he doesn’t have in the FIRST PLACE!!!! The only thing he says that hurts the heroine is telling her the hero’s engaged. She confronts the hero who doesn’t deny it. Yet, when he tries to explain, the heroine completely shuts him out. The next morning, the brother asks the heroine to save him from his debtors since he’s holed up in the hospital. She decides to do it against her better judgement, having no idea the brother’s initial plan was to steal his mother’s ring from her and use it to pay off her debts. The heroine is held hostage by the debtors, but saved by the hero. The hero proclaims his love for the heroine and takes her out of the casino. He reveals the brother’s plot, that his fiancée actually likes his brother, and the brother’s behavior is his rebellion for keeping his money away. To me, I find his behavior incredibly childish because he was gambling with no money and planned to steal from the heroine who was only trying to help him. The hero and heroine clear everything up, say their love, and have a happy ending. That’s all good and well, although, the whole story just didn’t sit well with me.

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