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A single night of passion changed everything for me…

At nineteen, Gracie had a fateful encounter with a handsome man named Malik during a trip to Rome. They spent the night in his hotel suite, but when Malik’s grandfather showed up and told her Malik was a prince, Gracie was chased away as though she were nothing but vermin. She attempted to forget him, but then she found out she was pregnant… Ten years later, while Gracie is trying to raise her child alone, Malik appears once again. She is immediately at the mercy of his wicked smile, but she is unaware of his real intentions…

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Not my cup of tea 2  2

I couldn’t really like the story at all, the only reason it got a two star instead of one was because the hero was a victim of his own environment and it’s hard to breakaway when you’ve been trained to be robot from childhood. The other piece was the heroine’s forgiveness if not lacking in awareness. Although, I couldn’t tell if she was lacked any cautionary traits or was just incredibly naïve. So, our little town heroine wants to explore the world at the young age of 19. She’s goes from her little town in the USA to the great city of Rome. In the night, she’s rescued by a chivalrous stranger who’s been isolated in his own little “town” (more like prison). Both are drunk on freedom, the lights, and their teenage hormones. It thus leads them to the bedroom where they both lose their virginities, and yes, I say both because the hero was in isolation with all the brainwashing. Unfortunately, the mastermind of the brainwashing, a.k.a the grandfather barges right in to admonish the hero and chase the heroine away by calling her a whore. The poor girl is so humiliated that practically runs away in tears and sets to move on. That is until she finds out she’s pregnant and tries every possible way to contact the hero. Of course, she’s stonewalled by the grandfather. This grandfather coerces the heroine to sign papers that she’ll never contact them and will receive $50,0000 as compensation. The 19 year old girl is scared out of her mind from the old grouch and his henchman that she signs her name and runs off. I would like to take this moment for a short rant: the original book’s first publication was in 2017 and if we adjusted this date to the story’s current timeline then the whole $50,000 was given in the 2000’s. There’s no bloomin’ way that money would have financed the heroine for the entirety of raising her child. I mean, maybe the first two-three years, but it would have run out quickly with; (count the fingers) medical bills for pregnancy, birth, post birth, and three month check ups easily, diapers, clothes, medicine, food, hygiene products, etc. And we’re talking about when the son is baby because he grows up and he’ll need again: a roof of his head, food at the dinner table, clothes, school supplies, gifts for holidays and birthdays, hygiene, and more. And here’s a fun fact I looked up online: From Birth to 2 years old, the average cost to raise ONE child in the USA per year is $12,940. So, if we were to multiply that by 10 years to the current timeline, then it would equal up to $129,400!!!!! That $50,000 was chum change and the grandfather knew it! He just intimidated the poor heroine because he’s a huge jerk. So, a decade passes by with the hero working his fingers to the bone to please his ever-tyrannical grandfather and modernize his country as the heroine raises their son. Then the hero gets malaria that causes his “fish” to go belly up. When the grandfather finds out, he goes on about the hero has a kid and since he can’t make any more, he better go get that one. The hero is extremely stunned by manages not to unleash the wrath (why didn’t you tell me??) on the grandfather. Next, the hero surprises the heroine with his sudden appearance and news that he never knew until recently that he had a child at all. Yet, he’s totally insensitive to the heroine (side effect of the brainwash), not even apologizing after finding out the first thing his grandfather tried was pressure the heroine into aborting their child. And I would like to make a comment that I’ve never liked the grandfather at all. I just wish someone had the GRIT to tell him that he majorly screwed up with how he put the hero’s dead brother on a pedestal, while scolding the hero for not measuring to a fourteen-year-old boy who disappeared!!! The scrooge couldn’t even muster up sympathy for his own grandchild when his brother kidnapped and killed and his father abandoned him in grief from the loss of the brother. What the man needs is his own firm scolding like Mrs. Brown or Madea, someone who can make him feel small, stupid, and encourage him to ask for forgiveness. Moving on, the hero LIES to the heroine as to why he’s come and the heroine believes. She has no other reason not to, but what happens next makes me incredibly peeved at her ignorance. The hero wants the son to come to his country, using the term “vacation” to hide his plan of making their stay permanent. The heroine can’t even imagine there’s something else because she’s so overjoyed on the idea of finally getting the chance to take her son on a vacation!!! Foolish woman!!! You’re leaving your home turf and any advantage you have on the hero to by visiting his TURF where he has authority because HE said it would be a VACATION!!!! Unfortunately, the heroine falls for the idea, tells her parents who support her decision. For me, I’m all up for parents who support their children’s decisions, but do these parents have no brains at all???? I mean, if this scenario had happened to one of my children then I would have objected. I would have said that I can’t support this until I meet the man myself (it doesn’t even look like the hero went to the heroine’s parents to show that he’s trying to make an effort) and “interview” on what are his intentions for my child and grandchild. Then I would take it a step further by having guy sign a contract that he’ll escort my family members to his country as a host for the duration between these dates, makes sure that they’ll call me every morning and night, and escort them safely back to the airport. You can call me paranoid, but that’s my condition for someone I barely know who has hurt my child. And I didn’t even bring out my rolling pin, I’m saving that for the grandfather. The only saving grace is they hold back from telling the son that the hero is his father. Next, they arrive in his country and things only get slightly better. The hero impresses our heroine with his dedication to his country like passing laws for women’s education and even paying the schools for it and the heroine starts very slowly chipping away at the wall, surrounding the hero’s heart. He tells her of his past of being 2nd best to his brother and the “effect” it had on him along with what I mentioned earlier. Then the hero reveals his plan to the heroine non-chantly who refuses his plan for a good six hours then surrenders because she thinks it’s the best for her son. The only saving grace is the son asking the questions that really makes our couple reflect upon themselves. Suddenly, they are struck by the sudden appearance of the hero’s missing brother who supposedly died. Apparently, the brother is part of the series: “Claiming his Secret son” by Olivia Gates where a group of men who were taken by some criminal leader to be trained into his soldiers. Now, the brother lost his memory, but thanks to the hero’s engagement announce has regained pieces of it. Well, the grandfather is all but ready to chuck the hero out of the chair since his “Heir” has come back. It doesn’t matter that the man knows NOTHING about their country. The whole thing puts the hero in the loop who decides he should let the heroine go. When he tells the heroine what happened and she should be free. The heroine decides to be free and march right over to the grandfather where she gives him a piece of her mind in the most polite manner ever. And the jerk has the nerve to get a hissy fit!! He starts insulting the heroine and the hero shouts at his grandfather (finally!) not to insult the heroine and he’ll be leaving with her. Although, I should mention that he’s not leaving-leaving because he’s going to help his brother adjust to the throne. Personally, I was torn between wanting him to permanently leave, so the grandfather can get that nasty realization of how much he needed the hero and never appreciated him. However, having the hero leave permanently would have probably destroyed all his hard work for his country like equal rights to education. The hero chases after the heroine where they finally have this heart to heart with the hero finally opening up his heart. I was disappointed a bit in these couple of scenes because I got no tears from the hero. They still plan on getting married and everything and by then I can only hope the brother scolds his grandfather on his brother’s behalf since he seems to be the only guy the grandfather will his opinion into account. However, all in all, I couldn’t find myself enjoying the story.

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