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I can't let him find out... my feelings, my hidden secrets...

Kendra returned to her hometown for the first time in nine years with her daughter to inherit her grandfather's estate. When she hired a construction company to renovate the mansion she left behind, she found Brodie, who was famous as a delinquent when he was a child. Kendra, who was raised by her strict grandfather, has mixed feelings about the free-spirited man, both admiration and repulsion. It's best not to get involved with him...lest he learn the sercret of my daughter's birth. Kendra was adamant about keeping her heart closed, but when she learned about Brodie's surprising true nature, her heart began to sway...

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Felt like a beat around the bush 3  3

The story was alright and despite that it came well together, it just didn’t hit my top harlequin reviews. We’ll go by this chronologically: heroine and heroine both came from the same small town, but grew up in different social groups. He was the town’s bad boy with his motorcycle and she was the richest man’s granddaughter in the town. They both knew each other from a young age but the heroine who was taken in by her strict grandfather after her parents’ deaths. The grandfather instructed her to never socialize with the hero cause he’s the son of a Gardner. (Spoiler: they do) It’s years later when they’re surprised by the other appearance at a concert. They talk for the first time, connect, and all those simmering feelings burst forth like a volcano, resulting in a one-night stand. They make the promise to meet up again, but fate decides to be nasty and sends the heroine into a car accident. She suffers one of PTSD’s symptoms: Amnesia, thus forgetting the last 24 hours with the hero. So, imagine her shock and horror upon discovering she’s pregnant but with no idea of knowing who’s the father. Strict grandfather kicks her out, she runs out of town and in the process, ignores the hero. This causes the hero to think she’s snubbing because she lived with a snob and has become a snob. Nine years pass with the two going through a lot of life’s obstacles; as the heroine works hard to support herself and her child, while the hero becomes guardian to his older brother’s children after a car accident took the lives of his father, brother, and sister-in-law. The incident happened six years prior to the heroine’s return home and why did she return? Well, grandfather died and left a will that the heroine will inherit everything. Apparently, the man deeply regretted chasing her out. She comes with her daughter, a ring, and a lie. She doesn’t want anyone to know about her single status since it will only lead to the question that her daughter keeps pressing to her: “Who’s my dad?” The reunion between our main leads is standoffish and cynical. Although, we have to remember heroine amnesic and hero hurt with no idea about how the other is feeling. Throughout the plot, they learn more about each other with their feelings for one another simmering again. They interact and adjust well to each other’s kids. They finally decide to go out for dinner after much encouragement from the kids. It’s at that dinner where after much arguing and pressure from the heroine that the heroine confesses her amnesia and having no idea how her daughter’s father is. The hero realizes the timing shows he’s the daughter’s biological father. So, he takes the heroine to his “man cave” in a manner of speaking and shows her a picture they took on the day of the concert. The hero tells her what happened between them and she believes. We get confessions of love and the hero asks the heroine to marry him with her responding with “Yes”. They tell the kids who accept it and they get married a year later with their ending page of the two riding off in the hero’s motorcycle. It was a nice ending but nothing really to excite me or make me laugh.

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