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You're a lifesaver. Those words tormented me for a long time…

Frannie, a wedding dress designer, had offered a job to Jack, the owner of a major advertising agency, to expand her business. He was sexy, handsome, and instantly recognizable as a playboy...but what was going on when she hadn't heard from him in a month? When Franny visited Jack's house in frustration, she found him in trouble with his baby. She was told that he had taken in the daughter of his brother and sister-in-law who had died in an accident. Unable to leave him alone, Frannie helped him take care of the baby, but then she remembered her nightmare from a few years ago...

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Our heroine has been a kind person, despite having been dealt Life’s rough hand. She lost her parents at a young age and became the guardian to her three younger brothers. Thus, she sacrificed her dreams of school and freedom of her twenties. During this period, she was taken advantage of by her two-faced senior colleague. And what I mean is that he wailed LOUDLY about his single dad for the heroine unable to ignore. Thus, his words tugged at the heroine’s heart strings and she was putty in a minute. The guy reeled her into babysitting, cooking, cleaning for a year or so and kept her hooked with the phrase, “You’re my savior”. This poor girl was so blind, never questioning why the guy didn’t take her out on a date if he depended on her so much, show his appreciation with a full paid visit to the spa, or even give her some money since HE had to know about her family's situation. But noooooo, he used the misconception that they were an "item" into leading her to do free labor!!! So, imagine her horror and shock when he publicly announced his engagement to his secretary. The heroine confronts him and he uses the “reason” since he never told her he loved her. And therefore, it’s her fault for believing the misconception!! What utter bologna and I actually wish we got to see some Karma fall on the guy for his deceit!!! The whole incident propels the heroine to become a workaholic. Years pass and the heroine finds herself in the same situation when seeing an investor (hero) struggle with his newly orphaned niece. He asks her for help continuously since she seems to know more on how to handle babies, but the heroine refuses since she doesn’t want to fall into that same situation. It was pleasing when the guy came up with a business plan for the heroine's dream of a wedding store. It was a good start, until he botched his 2nd attempt on getting the heroine to babysit. I mean, the guy couldn't come up with the idea, "Give and take" where she GIVES her time in assisting him with baby duties and she TAKES ( he provides) agreed upon monetary amount or additional help in building her wedding store. Next, the baby gets sick, leading them to talk together once more. She becomes impressed with the hero’s response about how he’s glad she’s finally taking time for herself after hearing her life story (excluding the bad guy bit). The hero expresses his attraction to the heroine with words (thank goodness) and a kiss, leaving the heroine flabbergasted. He takes her out to his wonderful friends who actually hold a surprise welcome party for his niece. I also liked when everyone was about to pressure the heroine to be the hero’s babysitter, the hero immediately jumped to her aid with a big N-O. Although, the heroine decides to help since his actions prove he's not like the bad guy. Whereas her responses has left the hero astounded on how there can be such an amazing woman like the heroine. We also learn the hero has had his share of bad romances like his toxic marriage to a GD. Everything seems to be going well at a relatively fast pace since they jumped into bed together. Then it's ruined with one phone call from the heroine’s brother. The guy is asking her to care for one of his feverish children, but she refuses because she doesn’t want to catch and pass the fever onto baby niece. The hero sees the heroine’s brothers have constantly relied/taking advantage of her kindness well into their adulthoods, keeping her from experiencing Life. The thought process actually leads him into believing that he’s doing the exact same thing (which isn’t far off, I mean the guy hasn’t brought up an idea of compensating the heroine for her babysitting time just yet) and it scares the crude out of him. Now, his first idea is to pay the heroine for her time and it’s not a bad idea. The bad idea was the hero’s timing: he makes the monetary offer after sexual intercourse where the heroine lost her virginity and after the phone call. Nor does he explain it enough that he doesn’t want to take advantage of her kindness, he just says, “I want to compensate you fairly,”. As the observer in this story, I can see where the guy’s coming from; yet, the short explanation doesn’t clarify it enough for the heroine who believes the hero is drawing a line between them. Then the hero does something I really wasn’t pleased with, considering he knew her self-sacrifice nature. When he’s confronted by her younger brother, he states that he’s going to marry the heroine since it MAY be the best option for them. I was like, “Really?!?! You see the shortcomings the heroine has received, you find yourself in love after heartbreak, wish to marry her and that's your proposal????”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting letters in the sky, but GOOD NIGHT IRENE: put a little time and effort in your proposal!!! Don’t think about it yesterday and just say it out of the blue today!!! Now, the hero would be giving a great proposal with all the wonderful things to say about her, except saying I love you. He tells her they ARE friends; however, she’s become the most important person in the world apart from the niece. The heroine believes him and says yes. They move really quickly into planning their wedding and moving the heroine’s stuff into the hero’s house. And we finally we come to the major obstacle: the heroine with her friends overhearing the hero and his friends talking about his relationship with the heroine. The stupid hero goes on how the heroine is the perfect mother for the niece and will give her anything she wants due to her merits. It’s a stab to the heart for the heroine who sees she’s fallen for the same trap as the babysitter. The hero is alerted to her presence and the heroine tells him in tears that she does love him and the wedding is canceled before running off. The hero doesn’t run after her because of his commitment to his team and the game (stupid move). Ironically, the same friend who kept him from running after the heroine is the same one who tells him that the hero is afraid to love the heroine because of his past marriage. The heroine completely disappears for a couple of hours then calls her friend who’s with everyone that she’s fine and needs them to pick up her stuff. The heroine’s friend lets the hero have it on the heroine’s past with the cruel jerk. He realizes despite his hidden love for her, he did the same thing as the creep. The lightbulb in the hero’s head finally goes off and he knows what to do. He actually puts the time and effort into making an amazing proposal. She sees the hero and he pours out his heart for her publicly at 7am with all the world to hear. And I found this proposal met my expectations I had set for the hero. The heroine forgives him and takes back cancelling their wedding. They get applause from the neighbors and we skip to their wedding. The heroine’s brothers make an appearance joyful in addition to sheepish faces. Apparently, they all had a sit down and realized in their discussion that despite the enormous support the heroine has given them, they couldn’t think up a single thing they’ve done for her. They want to make it up to her with her responding that their existence was enough since it helped her through the rough times. For me, I’d still have them try to make up and I’d go from pooling money together to pay for honeymoon expenses or spend the next 15 years being designated baby sitters for “date nights”. In the end, we see the heroine’s shop has grown along with their family members. It was a nice ending and I did like it.

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