Seasonal Romance STAKING HIS CLAIM

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Marriage for the sake of a baby neither of us expected to have…

Ella’s younger sister asked her to be a surrogate for her, but then she changed her mind when Ella was already pregnant! Once the baby is born, her sister’s brother-in-law, Yevgeny, decides that he should adopt the baby to raise with his fiancée. Ella refuses, as she doesn’t believe Yevgeny’s flashy lifestyle will be good for a child. So Yevgeny offers a compromise—he asks Ella to marry him instead!

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Bittersweet on it 3  3

It was a little hard to like because you get extremely peeved within the first 30 pages of the story. Thus, it leaves a long lasting sour taste in your mouth for the rest of the story and unfulfilled. Our heroine is a family law attorney with a career oriented mindset. However, she’s also generous in expressing her love towards her family. For example: being her sister’s surrogate without payment. This is the same sister who begged her older sister, the heroine in tears to help her and her new husband have a baby since she can’t carry it. And this is the same one who tells the heroine only days from delivery that both husband and her don’t want the baby. The insufferable woman tries to use their career location to Africa means they shouldn’t take a baby to Africa, they’re still newlyweds and too young to get married. The heroine throws those flimsy reasons out the window and we see the sister’s ugly side. Yes, I call it ugly because she’s running from the situation she created, used their country’s law against the heroine by stating the heroine is still legally the MOTHER and then reveals the BIG reason: used heroine’s eggs and thus, doesn’t feel the connection!!!! I was so incredibly mad at the woman for the mess she created, not even thinking if she can do it. She’s complaining about the baby not being hers, DISREGARDING THE PAINS THE SISTER ENDURED FOR HER!! Yes, we can all agree that pregnancy is a beautiful thing in life’s wonders, but let’s be honest: IT’S NO PICNIC. It’s nine months of dietary restrictions, feet and ankles swelling, stretch marks, morning sickness that happens any time of the day, and having a project that needs to be completed for work at end of the day, but you can’t finish it because your baby keeps pressing its foot down on your bladder!!! And this is only some of the symptoms pre birth, we can’t forget the BIRTH itself along with post birth. The whole fight sends the heroine into early labor and we skip to the heroine’s brother-in-law arriving with the heroine’s sister and his brother meeting them. I was rather conflicted on whether to be pleased or peeved that they stayed after the birth. He talks with the heroine, learning about her plan to have the baby adopted ASAP. The man’s aghast and tries to persuade her into letting him have custody. Yet, the heroine refuses because his lifestyle isn’t appropriate for a baby. One of the things I didn’t like was the heroine’s hypocrisy of going back and forth saying the baby’s is hers then stating she’s giving the baby up for adoption. In the next pages, we see the main couple enter this cycle of hero proving his eligibility ( went as far as proposing to his girlfriend who got mad for his reason WHY & refused) and the heroine actually has to take care of the baby( thanks to the hero’s pressure), thus building the bond that she tries to bury. I was surprised the both of them were still in contact with their siblings, considering the fiasco they left for our couple to clean up. If it were me, I would have sent an email that they are not to contact me till I felt ready to forgive them and it would be a long time before then. The baby gives opportunity for our main couple to talk, build a relationship, and their feelings. As the hero continually strives to gain custody of his niece, he finally asks the heroine why she doesn’t want to keep her own baby then gives reason if it’s her career. The heroine answers it’s part of the reason and doesn’t divulge more with the hero stopping to press on. I was personally disappointed that he didn’t press on since she said PART, not the WHOLE reason. It leaves the reader to wonder if it’s personal preference; although, I’m opting for trauma. My reason is we see how much the heroine keeps saying she CAN’T be a mother. The hero finally proposes marriage with the heroine rejecting it since it’s for the baby. Then the hero plays hard ball by revealing his paternity to the baby. It turns out the heroine’s sister wasn’t the only one with fertility issues. It’s a real curveball for the heroine who handles the information well. Next, the hero invites both the baby and her for Christmas. He opens up about his mother who used her children to make her ex-husband’s life among others miserable. He confesses his loves for the heroine who rejects and reveals the BIG reason why: I was right about the trauma part. It turns out the heroine got pregnant as a teenager with boyfriend bailing and parents pressuring for abortion. She refused and planned to raise the baby on her own. Sadly, the baby was stillborn and the heroine blamed herself for her first child’s death. The hero’s next action had me impressed; he tells her that he’ll protect her and their baby and to rely on him. His words move the heroine and finally opens her heart to him. She decides to yes on his proposal. In the end, they plan to be married after Christmas. It was a nice ending; yet, I wasn’t wowed by the whole thing.

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