Historical Romance MISTRESS OR MARRIAGE?

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I want him to marry for love, even though his partner isn’t me.

A rumor says that a new feudal lord will come in the early afternoon. Sophie, who lives with her nephew, encounters the new lord, David, when she helps a child from a speedy carriage. For some reason, Sophie gets to see David, whose niece is the same age as her nephew, whenever possible. However, she also hears that David will marry Lady Lucinda soon. She imagines that the marriage between a feudal lord and a countess will be a happy marriage, but David is not excited at all. For him, marriage is just for convenience. At that time, Sophie feels the pain in her chest...?

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not loving the title but love the story 4  4

Our hero has avoided his family and home for many years since his girlfriend dumped him for his brother. The ironic part is everyone knew about their relationship, except for his brother who I can’t determine if the man was incredibly cruel to his own brother or incredibly dumb ( we find out later, it was a toxic marriage with the brother was an insensitive guy and she had affairs left and right, whilst ignoring her own child). Years have passed and both brother and Ex have died and left behind a little girl. They now need the hero more than ever to come back, get married to the right girl who’ll pop out the next MALE heir. So, the man travels all the way from Vienna, Austria back to the countryside hills of England. Upon his arrival into town, his carriage nearly tramps one of the local boys had not a beauty throw herself onto the kid and roll out from the horses’ hooves and carriage’s wheels. The hero rushes to check on the two and receives a scolding from the bruised and bloodied nose heroine. He rushes her back home and ends up searching for her nephew who’s skipped lessons to fish. When he hears the boy complaining about his aunt, he gives him a little lesson by exaggerating the carriage incident. His words send the frightened kid into a running craze upon hearing his aunt’s “condition.” The whole thing actually helps mend the bond between the heroine and her nephew since her sister’s tragic death a year ago. Upon his arrival home, he gets the heroine’s story from his great-Aunt who retells the heroine’s refusal to marry is based on if she marries then her family property becomes her husband’s and will have nothing to give to her nephew. And she already has a pesky fly swarming around her. The hero’s return does spark uncertainty in his niece of her place when she hears his wish about wanting a nephew, so he wouldn’t have to worry about getting married. You add in a too small dress, the comment about comparing her looks to her mom’s, and the rumor that the hero will kick her out of the house when his new bride candidate arrives. And like the devil, the haughty vain snot of a woman appears at the hero’s home with her mother who is the tree to the OW’s apple. Why would this man marry such Highbrow snoot ( I had to find new words since using snob was getting tiring)? Well, he has no feelings and won’t have any trouble with her. The poor man lacks the insight his great aunt possesses in seeing this woman would not make a great match for the hero. So, the niece tells the heroine what’s happening and she takes it upon herself to check with the hero if what the girl said is true. The hero is shocked and exclaims it’s not true, expressing he struggles in how to communicate with his niece. Yet, after the heroine leaves, he reassures his niece this is her home and he wants her here along with getting a new dress. Of course, the idea of having a child hang around does not sit well with the OW who states her opinion ( in a suggestion of course, because she is only a “lady”) that the niece should be sent off to boarding school for her own good to make friends of her own standing. She even lists the heroine’s nephew as example of having a friend of the lower class. I did like how the great aunt shut the woman up on what matters is character and not breeding. Then the hero incites the woman’s ire when he shows hospitality to the heroine and her nephew after learning their house’s roof is in disarray from the lack of proper management. This is only further incited as the woman sees the hero looks more at the heroine as she plays with the kids then at her. Meanwhile, as the heroine listens to the great aunt’s disapproval towards the OW and meets some of the hero’s dear friends (Our couple are from “The Unexpected Bride) who are deemed as low class by the OW and her mother (this should have been strike# 2 for the hero in choosing that woman with #1 being how she talked about deciding friends based on class); she meets a friend of her dead brother-in-law. Apparently, he was the guy who helped her sister and brother-in-law elope when the man’s father refused to bless the marriage. He tells the heroine her nephew is now the only heir to the grandfather’s title and lands and should write him a letter, despite the fact she wants nothing to do with the man who refused to bless her sister’s marriage and lend aid when his son died. The man is able to persuade, reminding her that denying the man means denying her nephew his inheritance rights. Next, we have a fight between the heroine and that pesky fly who’s sent running when the hero comes charging like a bull. The man is angered that another man would try to force himself on the heroine by using his status (Me: “OW, I’ve found the perfect match for Youuuuuu!!! He’s just as pompous as you!!!) After the jerk leaves, the hero and heroine share a good kiss that ends awkwardly. They try to pretend it never happened, but the whole thing is spotted by the vengeful OW. She decides to get rid of the heroine by quickly stabbing the heroine’s steed in hopes the heroine suffers a fatal fall. Thankfully, the heroine is merely bruised and the OW’s act was seen by the niece. The incident does prompt the heroine to finally write the letter to the grandfather since if she died then who would take care of her nephew. During this time, the kids find evidence of the OW’s scheme but they need more in order to prove the woman’s crimes since they’re only kids. Then the hero sees the heroine going into the friend’s bedroom, misconstrues that they’ve entered into a physical relationship. The misconception leads them into a fight and even more misunderstandings. It’s only thanks to the kids who finally tell the hero what they found right in front of the OW. She tries to denounce their claims, but the hero believes them and has the OW and her mother chucked out his home. Then the hero finds out the connection between the heroine and his friend and races after the heroine. They have a bit of a scuffle but proclamations of love from both sides settle the dust and the hero asks the heroine to marry him. She says yes and we skip to their wedding where they’ve finally received a response from the grandfather. It seems the years and loss of both sons have finally humbled him that if the heroine is ready then he would be most happy to host them at his place. So, the heroine and hero plan to head to his place with the kids as their honeymoon. It was a good ending.

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