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The purpose of his sending scandalous images of the two is…?

Lauren, the president of a graphic arts company, was proposed to by Jason, a major advertising agency owner. However, they had only spent one night together four months ago. When Jason found out that Lauren is pregnant, he suddenly appears in front of her to marry her just for the sake of their child. With her company on the verge of bankruptcy, she coldly rejected his proposal, but from that day on, he started bombarding her with gifts and even offered money to rebuild the company! When he said, "I want to take care of you and the child," her heart is shaken...

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The story starts with the heroine dumping the hero after their one-night stand. Although, the hero wanted to take their relationship to boyfriend and girlfriend status. There’s a four-month separation with our gloomy main man hurt by how the heroine has not contacted him since. You can imagine his surprise when his friend sends him a picture of his wife and the heroine….with her budding bulging belly. The hero doesn’t hesitate for a second in deciding to fly from San Francisco to New York to woo and wed the heroine. His sudden reappearance really shocks the heroine along with his proposal of marriage. The heroine refuses of course for many reasons. The first being an observer of her parents’ divorce along with dealing who her mother who was recently diagnosed with a mental illness and refuses to receive treatment. What kind and the severity of it, is something we never know nor whether it’s hereditary. The second is the location, location, location; they live on opposite sides of the country. The third is leaving her company that she worked so hard to build from the ground up. Yes, our heroine is a CEO and not a secretary. What a nice fresh career change for the leading lady! The hero doesn’t give up the fight and continually woos her. He eventually learns of her financial crisis because the accountant ran off with a lot of the money. He offers the heroine money to help and even lists asks her for help on the biggest project yet. It seems a third party’s CEO is a hard “Family Man”; examples are when he disowned his granddaughter when she decided to become a single mother and dissolved a contract with another company when he found how one of their accountants was having an affair. I actually liked the hero was upfront with the heroine about his current situation at work, despite it left a sour taste in the heroine’s mouth. He does reassure the heroine that he does indeed love her, but she’s a suspicious girl. The heroine accepts the hero’s help (with a couple of conditions like a contract of her paying him back with interest) and accompanies him to San Diego to face the big bad CEO. I liked how the two communicated and seeing them being able to rely upon each other. Then one little misinterpretation leads them to getting married viva las vegas style. Things go well till the hero gets news from his P.I. that they caught the crooked accountant and are able to retrieve the heroine’s stolen money. Once, the hero tells the heroine of what he’s been doing, his actions touch the heroine. Then things go further south when the Family CEO hears rumors of the heroine and hero only marrying to get in his good graces. It upsets him pretty bad who wants to pull out of their contract. The whole thing actually is a good thing; as the hero declares his intentions towards the heroine and marriage are sincere, our heroine finally realizes she does indeed love the hero. She crashes the meeting and declares she loves the hero too. The Family CEO sees they are honest and declares he believes them. Then he admits he was wrong and would like to continue on their contract. By the time, our main couple walk out the door, they’re already planning on comprising via locations and honeymoons. It was a sweet ending, although, I was sad to not see a baby.

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