Historical Romance A VOW FOR AN HEIRESS

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My earnest love is trampled upon by a heartless Earl...

Rosa summoned up her courage and asked Lord Ashurst... "Would you consider marrying me instead of my sister?" She was troubled by the thought of her sister having to enter into an arranged marriage while already having someone she loved, and even though she knew it was foolish, she couldn't help but act. She had heard that the venerable Earl's family was now overwhelmed with debts and unable to manage their vast estate. My sister is not the only one who has inherited a huge fortune from my late father, if only I could marry him... The Earl refused to marry her and turned Rosa away, but...!

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I can see why three stars 3  3

Before reading this story, I was curious as to why would someone rate this story three stars. Now, I see why after reading the whole thing for the first time. Our hero and heroine are in quite the pickle. The heroine recently lost her father, mother, and Beloved in an accident, but received his massive fortune from his sugar plantation (we know the history of sugar plantations). She gets dragged from Caribbean to London where her domineering and dying grandmother has already made martial matches for both her sister and her. The sister already has a fiancée who the grandmother deems unsuitable and the heroine would rather make donations from her dowry to charities; that sent the grandmother into another heart attack that she somehow survived. Before this medical emergency, the grandmother says she already made a contract with the neighboring Earl who has a great lineage, but empty pockets thanks to the poor management of his predecessors. The grandmother refuses to budge and incites the heroine to travel to the Earl’s house unchaperoned, a big taboo in their etiquette and culture. The earl is our hero who’s having a hard enough time as it is; he’s saddled with his greedy father's debts, can’t find a way to paying them back without sacrificing his tenants. In addition, has taken on the responsibility of guarding his friend's nephew who is a prince of India. The hero was a solider stationed in India when he became friends with one of India’s princes who is the brother to the current king. The boy is his paternal nephew and crown prince to the country, but his brother’s newest wife has already attempted to kill, so she can place her own son as crown prince. The boy’s stupid father isn’t doing anything because he’s too entranced with his new wife to care, despite the amount of corpses she’s left in her path to power. The hero agrees to help the man but realizes upon their arrival in England that the queen’s brother has arrived to assassinate the boy whose death would gain him even more power back in India. It's shortly after his arrival home is when he meets the heroine. She's discusses his marriage to her sister and asks they switch brides, so her sister can marry the man she loves. The hero is actually quite aghast because he hates being only considered marriageable to the ladies due to his financial difficulties. He rejects the heroine and the marriage, reasoning he’s not so desperate to force another woman into marriage just to line his pockets. The guy has a once bitten, twice shy experience with a woman played his heart then married a man with a far superior background to his own. By then, both are pretty insulted and the heroine leaves with class, despite the insult she suffered. Next, grandmother dies and the heroine saves the nephew and learns of frightening situation. She offers the hero to let the boy stay with her since nobody would suspect he would be at her place. The hero is shocked by the fact she would off help after his past treatment towards her, but accepts her help for the boy’s sake. It actually turns out to be a good thing because the poor kid needs to break away from living in fear of being killed. As time goes on, the hero sees the how bad the estate is in and desperately needs funds ASAP. So, he decides to ask the heroine if her marriage offer is still on the table. The heroine is quite shocked but his explanation dire situation causes her to sympathize with him. She can see his pain and decides since he’s a nice guy then he would make a good match with her. Things seem to be going well until the hero gets word of his friend’s passing. Apparently, the poor guy was poisoned by his sister-in-law. Despite her denial, the brother’s death finally made the king realize that he let a viper into his nest. He banishes the queen and her supporters and requests the hero send his son back to him. He even gives the hero a large reward in gratitude for protecting his son. The money would pay back his debts and leaves no reason for the heroine and hero to be married. From there, I became real peeved at the hero for not remembering that he has committed to the marriage and breaking the marriage would destroy the heroine’s image. I mean high society gossip can destroy a person if they used the wrong fork at the dinner table, imagine the whispers and mocking looks would be on the heroine for having a broken engagement to an Earl. And this is just other people’s opinions, what about the heroine’s opinion about it all?? Instead, he tells her they should cancel their wedding, the DAY BEFORE THEIR WEDDING!!! The heroine is barely holding it together and the hero rides off trying to lie to himself that their marriage would caused her harm, DENYING THE FACT THAT HE’S ALREADY DONE SOMETHING DESPICABLE TO HER NOW!! The heroine and sister leave separately hesitantly as the heroine dives her charity work to numb the pain. She decided to give her massive fortune to the needy based on seeing the treatment of the slaves on her father’s plantation; although, it was customary, it still broke her heart. Really, the woman decides to use the money the slaves broke their backs for on other people rather than them.*sarcasm*. So, the heroine throws herself into charity work, while fending off the gold diggers who want her fortune. Both the hero and heroine catch each other’s eye but hardly speak. The hero finds himself saddened that the heroine has lost the spark in her eyes and irritation from learning other men are after her. WELL GEEZ, WHAT DO YOU THINK??? Of course, there will be men of lesser character and emptier pockets than him who will chase after the heroine because she’s (count my fingers off: a (1)beautiful (2) single woman with (3) a large dowry and (4) pressured by family and society that she must be married!!!! The hero has no right to get peeved since he already rudely rejected her twice in the worst way. And yet, he still has the nerve to corner her at the party and ask for a third chance. I was so happy she told straight out NO. Yet, a little disappointed that she was still hung up on the guy by wishing she had a title DESERVING of him. She later learns from her aunt’s social group that the hero is a real charitable guy who practices what he preaches, a supporter of the abolitionist movement (a movement from 1830 to 1870 to end British slavery, even spread to the US that started the Civil war to end American slavery). Then the heroine gets word an Indian boy has been found by the orphanage she supports, believing it’s the little prince and notifies the hero as she rushes to grab the little boy. It’s in the nick of time because the queen’s brother is already snooping around. They’re rescued by the hero who informs the queen’s brother of her banishment as well as his own for murdering the king’s brother and attempting to murder the king’s son. The guy runs off and the hero collapses from his stab wound of the man’s drugged dagger. The heroine brings him back to his place and his hallucinations have him reveal he wants the heroine as his wife. The heroine believes his word and decides to give the guy another chance since he helped her realize that she was throwing herself into a loveless marriage the first time they decided to get married. They send the boy off safely and just as the hero is admitting his foolishness for letting his pride get the better of him, a final fight breaks out from the queen’s brother whose demise ends with drowning. The hero gets down on one knee, asking for both the heroine’s forgiveness and her hand in marriage. The heroine says she loves him too. Last, we see the two with their future kids and decked out in their wedding attire. The plot was good; although, there were someone things I wasn’t too fond like the hero going back and forth from rejecting to asking the heroine to marry him.

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