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I was going to keep my feelings for you buried inside forever...

She buried her feelings that she realized she had for her old friend at his wedding. I am in love with him. But I'm too late! Three years later, Flynn divorces his wife due to her infidelity and becomes the president at Sabrina's company. Sabrina couldn't watch him devastated because of his personal life and barely surviving the pressure of being at the top of his company. I want to save his soul... With the help of her colleges, they make Flynn take a month-long vacation, and Sabrina is assigned to keep an eye on him.

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3.5 More of a one-sided secret 4  4

I really pondered on how to start the review with how it all started then decided to start chronologically using the hero and heroine's relationship as the starting base. Their story begins when they develop a close friends each other along with two other guys in college. Later all four get employed at the hero’s family company after graduation. Our hero and heroine have hidden attraction, buried under the title, “Great friends”. Neither know it's there for a while and the first person to notice it is the heroine. She figures out she loves the hero.................... on HIS WEDDING DAY TO ANOTHER OW!! Granted, the heroine didn’t get a chance to let the whole , “the hero is committed to another woman” sink in since the he only met the OW a couple of months before they had their passionate wedding. Their other friends silently realize and neither say anything for both hero's and heroine's. Moving on, if I were to compare the hero’s marriage to natural disasters, then a great example is“ The Great Chilean earthquake.” It happened 1960 and was recorded as one of the strongest earthquakes with a 9.4-9.6 on the moment magnitude scale. The amount of damage it caused was probably similar to what the damage wrecked on the hero and his family’s life. Within a month, the wife is already complaining about the hero working too much when it’s his job that satisfies her expensive tastes. Six months into their marriage, she begins an affair with his artist brother. A man who already a grudge against the hero for being dad’s favorite; since he works at the family company and the brother followed his dream. A year in is probably when the affair is discovered, fights break out, divorce proceedings drag on, and the dad is diagnosed with cancer. It's the same cancer that took their mother and by third year from the hero’s wedding day, the ex-wife and brother get married a month before the father dies. You know I want to take a moment to say how sorry I'm feeling for the hero's dad. The man's on his way out with the same illnesses that took his wife, there's a GD that's ripping apart his family, and his sons are at odds. It's pretty miserable to die without seeing your children reconcile. Going back, the hero proclaims he’s a alone. Right then, his brother and new sister-in-law have the not only the Gaul to say he has them, but the brother goes off in a temper tantrum about how he only got the house and the car whereas the hero got the company. I knew right off the bat the brother had no sense because he’s complaining about not getting company shares, rights, or whatever, but he doesn’t have a lick of business skill in him to manage a company that is the livelihood of at least 100 people. A fight breaks out between the two with the hero’s friends pulling them apart. The friends and the heroine see the exhaustion on the hero’s face and pull an intervention of a forced vacation when the hero works himself into a fever. They make him stay at home and rest, while they handle the company. The guys even play fairy godfathers by having the heroine nurse and keep the hero company as he recovers. By the 50 page mark, things are already heating up. Their activities get more intimate when the heroine “volunteers” herself to be the hero’s rebound and he takes her offer. Within days, the two are at the romantic level of walks in the park and bedroom activity. Next, the two are finally hit the bump: confronting their feelings and what’s best for themselves and the other person. The heroine thinks the hero won’t move forward from swearing off marriage and the hero thinks the heroine deserves someone better than him. The heroine finally leaves the hero’s apartment and they return to the workplace with yearning hearts. Finally, the hero can’t take it anyone and asks the heroine to come back with no strings attached. The heroine refuses and the hero is pulled away with a call from the ex-wife that his brother is in danger. He runs to the house to find no brother and a scantily dressed ex-wife. In this interaction, the wife lacked two things: shame and a head. This woman actually believes she can seduce her ex-husband back to her bed after cheating on him with his brother, divorcing him to marry the brother, and only to repeat her toxic selfish cycle by attempting to entice the hero into commit adultery with his brother’s wife a.k.a HER. Apparently, the woman misses not having money, platinum card, or whatever has monetary value. Thank the heavens, the hero has more sense than that!!!! He sees right through her and yet, feels nothing. The man has completely moved on from the ex-wife and realizes he loves the heroine. The next day, he sees the heroine about to be kissed by their friend (the man is a diabolical genius in trying to get the hero to admit his feelings). He pulls the heroine away and into his own deep passionate kiss; then he states he wants to be with the heroine. I liked how he was honest with them on telling them last night’s events then proclaims his love for her along with proposing marriage. The heroine accepts his proposal, revealing she loves him as well. We get an ending page with their wedding and their friends who I hope we get to see their romances.

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