Historical Romance THE NORMAN'S BRIDE

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An injured beauty who has lost her memory…saved by a man who has abandoned his past…

Royce, a soldier in Lord Orrick’s service, finds a critically injured woman in the woods. He rushes her home and treats her, but when she regains consciousness, she’s lost most of her memories. Confused by this woman in elegant clothing, Royce decides to watch over her until she recovers. During their peaceful days together, they become drawn to each other. But Royce can’t shake the mistake from his past that still torments him…

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Interesting 4  4

It was quite good, kind of wished for a slightly different ending. Our hero has spent the last five years of his life as a guard for a keep whose Lord he saved. One can see he lives a solitary life, as a form of punishment. What happened was after his parents’ deaths, he took any job no matter how unethical in order to please his lords and upgrade his sister’s status. That is until the 2nd born Lord coerced him into killing his brother, the first born or he’d “visit” the hero’s sister. The poor man was backed into a corner did it. The hero was caught and barely escaped with his life. Then his sister lost status, family support, and could only work as a nurse in a sanitorium. Since then, the hero has been punishing himself by sending all his earnings to his sister who doesn’t blame him at all for what happened and insists he find happiness. The issue being he can’t find it in himself. Then low and behold, fate sends an opportunity in the form of a beaten bruised and amnesic woman lying on the river bank. Even though his Lord and Lady are willing to host the poor woman, she’s too weak to be moved from the hero’s bed. So, he ends up nursing the girl, fostering a connection. She’s able to remember overtime that she was loved by her birth family, but her husband tried to kill her. Why would her husband kill her? Well, here’s the spoiler: she didn’t get pregnant in their three years of marriage and the massive JERK didn’t want a barren wife. Nor did he want to give up her dowry if they divorced because he is again a massive JERK. So, he planned to commit murder and cover it up with lies that it was robbers. The only problem is that she managed to escape his evil grasp. Next, the hero sends her away when she’s well enough. It’s all because he doesn’t want to find happiness, despite that he’s even more miserable than before without her. After that, the heroine’s sister finds her and it’s a joyous reunion. It turns out the massive Jerk fabricated a huge lie, playing the grieving husband. However, only the sister and her husband saw through the man’s deceit. Now, they can unravel the man’s lies. Yet, by revealing the lie means returning to the age old feud and war. The kind of war that will take the lives of many. It’s something that the heroine doesn’t want. On the night before she leaves, she visits the hero one more time and reveals her plans to join a convent. She doesn’t want to start a war that takes the lives of those she loves. And the hero finally tells his life story and they share one night together. The next morning, as the heroine leaves for her convent, the hero gets a letter from his sister. It delivers the joyous news that she’s marrying a man who loves her for her and encourages him to find happiness. The news finally propels the hero into rushing after the heroine. It’s a good thing because the JERK found out the heroine is alive and ambushed her group. Just as the man is about bring his sword down on the sisters, the hero blocks it. SPOILERS: the JERK is the second brother. The hero’s sword skills and appearance throw the guy off and on the ground. He warns the man to stay far away from the heroine and he does with his tail between his legs. The hero confesses his love for the heroine. In the end, the heroine decides she should stay dead and adopt the new identity as the hero’s wife. And as they walk home, she informs him that she is not barren at all. It was a sweet ending, I just wish we saw some Karma fall on the JERK. Although, considering the heroine got pregnant, we may already be seeing his Karma has already happened.

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