The Fairy and The Mercenary

The Fairy and The Mercenary

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The Fairy and The Mercenary

Princess Celestia of the kingdom of Ardun has a target on her back. To hide from the courtesans who would have her killed, she takes refuge in the countryside. One day, a beautiful, wounded knight named Andreas is brought to her and they begin to live under the same roof. He saves her from danger, and over time, they fall in love. However, something sinister is brewing at the palace, and the day they part might be approaching, fast.

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The heroine is a princess on the run from her evil step-mother. Her royal female knight has hidden her with her grandma. The woman is quite intuitive who not only smears dirt on the heroine’s face and hands to hide her identity but forbids her to talk due to her manner of speech is different from the common commoner. Things go swimmingly till the mayor of the town pushes them into housing a traveler. The man can tell pretty quickly there’s something unusual about the heroine who lacks the calluses on her hands and how pale her skin is paler compared to actually should be. He decides to hang around longer much to the heroine’s chagrin who sees him only as a rude mercenary with no table manners. Luckily, it’s a good thing he stays on because the mayor sacrifices the heroine to the local perverted Lord in order to save his daughter. The hero finds out what happened from the Granny as well as the heroine’s true identity. He goes after them and reveals she’s his older twin brother’s fiancée, heir to another kingdom. The twist is that it turns out to be true, making the hero a prince. Well, a disowned prince because he left home. She goes to her fiancée’s country, meeting the hero coldly ignoring her. He tells her it’s because she’s his brother’s fiancée and part of a huge political deal between their countries. She meets the brother who’s a nice guy and a well of information. The man gives her the details into the hero’s backstory about how the King is a stubborn old goat who bears a grudge against the hero for leaving the family when it was the most logical option because factions were rising up to have him named heir. The brother also comments there’s unresolved issues between two brothers. During the engagement period, the heroine becomes so depressed that her condition presses the hero to visit her. They come to the decision of not being able to live apart. They tell the King who yells obscurities against their union. So, the two escape to elope and here’s the funny bit: just as the King is demanding the princess to be returned, the brother intervenes. He tells the King that he’s refusing his right to be his heir, has been in a relationship with a peasant girl for two years, and she just gave birth to his daughter yesterday. His words practically flabbergast the King but he quickly orders his knights to bring back the heroine and hero.. The hero and heroine send their farewells to the brother and we get a happy ending. Now, it was good and all but we never find out what happens to the step-mother. We know she was poisoning the heroine’s father a.k.a the King and he was saved but we don’t know what happened to her.

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