The Count and the Night of Immortality

The Count and the Night of Immortality

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The Count and the Night of Immortality

Felicity, who was a sister and a volunteer teacher in the rainforest and has a phobia for romantic love, was rescued by Count Lucian when they were attacked while she was searching for a student. Although he was known as the resort king of Monaco, they touched each other's hearts with kindness... ridding away the loneliness. However, the father who abandoned Felicity suddenly appears...!

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I felt the story was quick and alright but nothing worth smiling over. We can start off with the backstory of our main couple. The heroine was a product of a toxic marriage with an adulterer father and a obsessive-father mother. She lived in this horrible environment till both parents just up and abandoned her out of the blue. From then on, she lived on her own then with a bunch of nuns where the wrong assumption comes in. The hero is a count/potential heir to the country's throne. He's had it hard since his dad died with his financially incompetent uncle who brought his family's company to bankruptcy that caused the hero's mother to commit suicide. Then his grandmother who's the aunt of a current king paid off the bankruptcy and brought the company back into the black. This put the hero in her debt that he's been slowly paying off ever since. They meet in their adult years as the heroine is running from crooks in the jungle with her student. They're saved by the hero's high walls and his mercy. Of course, the man shows mercy on a woman wearing a nun's habit. He becomes immediately attracted to the heroine and sets out to seduce her, even taking her to places that he's never taken a woman. The heroine goes with him on a trip with they have this hot/cold relationship. Then we're introduced to the grandmother who immediately expresses her distaste for the heroine being common and mixed Italian and all. However, the heroine has the last word that earns the grandmother's ire and the hero's laughs. The hero does manage to convince her to stay for a party where five minutes before they make an entry, he says he wants to make her his wife. He barely lets the heroine give him an answer before they come strolling into the party with the words, "My fiancée" rolling off his tongue. He does proclamation of love about the heroine that spurs her to believe him. Then like a bad cold comes the heroine's father who uses his blood connection to coerce the heroine into making the hero loan him millions. Add his reappearance and the grandmother's disgust for the man overwhelm the heroine. It causes her to think she needs to disappear in order to protect the hero rather than come out on what's the problem. So, after one more night of coitus, she leaves him without a word. We skip five years where the heroine's dad has died and she gave birth to the hero's son. Once the hero discovers them both, it's a real hot and cold battle with neither side willing to listen. It's only when the little boy goes missing is when they stop arguing. After they find the little boy and listen to his woes about everything causes our couple to take a step back and talk. The heroine reveals her past and her last encounter with her father. They reaffirm their love for one another and we end the story with their wedding.

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