The Treasured Dagger of Promise

The Treasured Dagger of Promise

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The Treasured Dagger of Promise

This is the story of a splendid phantom thief that takes place in Paris at the end of the 19th century. The newspaper reporter Michel chases after the upcoming and handsome playwright Gigante, but Michel learns of his true identity through an unexpected incident. At the same time, Gigante learns that Michel is a woman parading as a man. The Thieves Who Fall in Love series has finally been completed!

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The last great read of the series 5  5

We come to the last sibling of our trio of fallen nobles who has taken a different path in avenging his parents: the arts. He's become this master playwright who's been showcasing his work all of Paris that centers in on our previous couples, along with putting the uncle in as the villain. The idea is to get people interested in his parent's murder and start investigating. It's been his plan in the making for five years passed since the previous book, "The Necklace of Memories". His method works but only with a junior reporter who shares a special connection with the characters of his play. We find the character was the little kid in the first book who got money to pay for his mother's medicine. He greatly admires the black mantle thief and now the hero till the hero questions his gender of whether he's a woman or not. The character greatly denies but the hero still fondles the poor fellow. He runs away but the hero can see the He is a SHE. It turns out the hero's intuition is spot on and the heroine is masquerading as a man. It all started out as a plot by her mom in order to keep her little girl safe when she went out on the streets but the mom wishes she would stop. However, if the heroine were to start dressing as a woman then she would have to give up her dream job of being a reporter. She even sees a connection that the items stolen from the thieves go back to the fallen noble's home. Her boss tells her not to get involved, which the heroine finds strange. Our couple run into each other again, share some words, down some alcohol (heroine never had any), and the hero takes her home where he behaves like a gentleman. Once she awakens, she reveals her true name and the hero returns the exchange with revealing his true identity. It really shocks the heroine to see one of the fallen noble's children actually living and breathing in front of her as well. He retells the tale of their past with his own addition of not really remembering his parents but doing all of this in order to bring his foster father/his dad's right hand man to rest in peace. So, the heroine offers her help and the hero accepts. He lets her in on all the information they have, including the identity of the mastermind: the Evil Uncle. The heroine digs around but many people are tight lipped in fear of the uncle. Just as the heroine gets a witness willing to talk, the Uncle learns of their activity. He sets to work but during his scheming and such, the hero is pounced by one of his lady friends. She warns him of the Uncle's capabilities, including his fingers sticking in some high places like newspapers and even on the police force. When she tries to pounce him again but their interaction is seen by the heroine who takes it the wrong way and runs off. The hero tries to stop her but the actress misinterprets that the hero actually bats for the same team. The next day, the heroine comes to work and hears her boss was murdered. However, the man left a letter where he names the Uncle as the one who ordered him dead and confesses to his involvement (plus revealing the Evil Uncle as the mastermind) in covering up the fallen noble's murder 25 years ago. The Chief was threatened and he caved but he wants to make up for past sins. The man's murder ignite a passion in the heroine and all her coworkers to fight back using the press in proving the hero's family innocent and revealing all connections go back to the Evil Uncle. The people who were tight lipped started speaking and the hero releases his new play with the Uncle as the villain. He has him personally invited to the play where the heroine gets the police to arrest him on the murder of the Chief. He makes a run for it but our couple catches him and drag him back. The hero reveals his true identity to the Uncle and has imprisoned for life. From then, the hero and heroine separate till the new year. The heroine gets a mysterious package with a beautiful dress. She dons the dress and takes the invitation to his latest play. The play is all about them and writes out his confession for his character to the heroine. He asks her to be with him forever and she says yes.

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