The King of Hot Sands and His Substitute Love

The King of Hot Sands and His Substitute Love

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The King of Hot Sands and His Substitute Love

Blanche, an opera singer, suddenly got fired from the theater. It was Asena, a sheik from the Emirate of Arzan, who gave her a helping hand. However, his purpose was to make Blanche the "substitute for his dead wife"...! In spite of his aggressive attitude, Blanche begins to be attracted to Asena who protects her at all costs. A sheik's romance staged in Arzan, a country full of hot sands!

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3.5 almost, not there 4  4

The storyline was nice, I liked it and but it didn't really get my goat if you understand what I mean. Our first meeting is when the hero rescuing the heroine from drowning since she survived her accidental fall from the cliff. The whole incident started because she was throwing away a letter from her mother's family. Why would she do that? It's because her aristocratic mother who eloped with her father (the opera singer) couldn't take the life of a commoner and ran back home where she married a nobleman. Basically, she abandoned her husband and daughter but the hero gets the heroine to read the letter that the mother left her fortune to the heroine. The relatives also added that she can get them a son-in-law. Of course, the heroine wants nothing to do with the woman, which includes the money. She leaves the hero but he has her investigated then plays hardball by having the owner of the opera house firing her despite the fact she draws a big crowd. Then he swoops down with a different offer and the heroine agrees because she'd rather take some unknown man's offer instead of lowering herself to accept her mother's money. Once she's abroad his ship, she's a trapped rat. He shows her the striking similarity between her and his late wife. In fact, I'm surprised they didn't dive deeper into the whole facial connection and see if the heroine isn't some sort of cousin or so. Going back, the hero needs the heroine to play body double because no one knows the sheikha is dead. What happened was the woman was being forced by the hero's enemies into poisoning the hero or they'd kill her family. She tried but couldn't go through and committed suicide in front of the hero. The hero wants to find these enemies but can't reveal her death because it would destroy the new relationship between countries. He promises the heroine riches but she refuses till she sees they're out at sea. With little hope of escape, the heroine agrees to the whole thing. The hero promises to protect her but on her first night in his home, she gets kidnapped. The man manages to rescue and share their first kiss. Next, they open up about themselves from the heroine's aversion to love stemming from her parent's short passionate romance but the hero is pushing for the heroine to love. In a short course of time, the heroine gains the public's favor, comforts the hero, and wins his heart. However, the two are convinced the other does not love them. The hero destroys the notion by telling the heroine he wants to cancel their initial contract and make her stay permanent. Still, the heroine doesn't believe his words till she overhears him talking to the grave of his wife where he proclaims he loves the heroine. Before that, the heroine overhears a plot for the hero's assassination and manages to save him in time. They confess their love, catch the bad guys, and the relationship between countries is kept safe. This all means the heroine should leave because they announced she was a body double but the people want to keep her here. He asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes. We get a wedding and epilogue with our couple and their three kids.

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