The Runaway Lady and Destiny's Journey

The Runaway Lady and Destiny's Journey

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The Runaway Lady and Destiny's Journey

Gina McMahon, an orphaned countess, is forced into an unwanted marriage with Lord Bacchus, with whom her uncle owes a giant debt to. In order to counter this fate, she tries to run away to London. While being pursued, she was saved by Major Pierce Eden, who is equal parts arrogant and attractive.

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3.5 corny title but good plot 4  4

The heroine is an orphaned countess who has all the legal rights as such but she lives in a patriarchal society which deems her a ward of her gambling addict uncle. Now, he's found her a new match: a horrendous man who ruins the lives of others in order to fill his pockets. The uncle pulls his threats about how she can't refuse and she owes him for taking her in. The heroine wallows in her future till she overhears the maids talking about how the whole marriage is just a cover for the uncle to pay off his gambling debt to the HM and the heroine is the bought product. She takes action and attempts to escape. She only manages to get away from both uncle and HM's goons thanks to the hero and his carriage. The hero is a soldier who's recently returned from the battlefield upon word that his older brother/heir has died. The whole thing makes the hero sick to his stomach because he's labeled as a spare and remembers a lonely childhood where his parents neglected him in order to dote on the older brother. During their carriage ride, the heroine advertises herself as a nurse, using experience she gained from nursing her father. The hero agrees to give her the job only until they reach London. During their travel, they grow closer by learning about each other's pasts and becoming attracted to one another. They take a detour at a family friend's house where the hero pulls the guise that the heroine is his fiancée. This is because the friend’s daughter was the older brother's fiancée who his parents want the hero to marry. The hero and heroine's feelings surface with a kiss but she refuses to tell him her reasoning of running away. During their stay, the heroine overhears the ex-fiancée conversing with the HM on killing the hero in order to get his successorship back. She comes up with a crazy plan in order to get the hero some time to formulate a trap. She heads back to the HM under the guise that she'll marry him then foreign illness in order to delay their nuptials. The hero gets her message, recuses her, and catches the guy in the act. After the HM is taken away in cuffs, the heroine reveals her reason for running away. They confess their love for each other and decide to marry. Later, they finally arrive at the hero's home where they're warmly welcomed by the hero's parents who are overjoyed their son, not the spare is alive. In the end, we see the hero and heroine holding each other close in a warm hug and that's the end.

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