The Poet and the Rose of Demimonde

The Poet and the Rose of Demimonde

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The Poet and the Rose of Demimonde

A girl doomed to be sold to repay her late father’s debts enters a forbidden romance with a poor poet.

Left to repay her late father’s debts, Lucienne is left in the care of a high-class madame to learn to become a courtesan. The only way she will pay off her debts is if she successfully earns her courtesan rank and finds a wealthy patron to pay for her as his mistress. But, Lucy doesn’t want to sell herself for money. She’d rather be a servant if it means she can be with someone she loves. However, love can’t pay off her debts. So, when a poor poet named Hubert begins to court her and she falls deeper in love, Lucy begins to dread the day money tears them apart. Can Lucy and Hubert’s love overcome the power of money?

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I really enjoyed the story with it's historical scenes and characters. We start off with the heroine at one of the parties where she's an apprentice Courtesan. In modern translation, it means she's learning to be an escort and at the highest level in the city. However, the heroine hates her job because she's a fallen noble. She came to be the courtesan after her father committed suicide because the large amount of debts, he accumulated in order to keep his membership with a courtesan. Her aunt came with the news and kicked her out of her own house but not before sending her to a friend who would "train and advertise" her into being a proper courtesan to pay off the debts. Now, the heroine does have some sense, knowing she has a large debt that she'll never be able to pay off because society limits career opportunities for women as well as underpays them unless they are courtesans. However, the heroine doesn't seem to question why does her aunt and snobby cousin get to live in her family mansion that they couldn't afford because again they are women when she's the direct heir, despite being a woman. Nor does she question the madame's intentions considering she's friends with the horrendous aunt. During this particular party, the heroine meets the hero who's a poor poet. She enjoys their conversation along with their outings on walks and to operas. One night she sees one of the former madame's patrons claw at the window, destitute from spending his entire fortune on the madame. It leads her into a panic because she doesn't want to do the same to the hero and the madame is pressuring her to take a patron soon. Nor does she want to saddle him with her family debt. It's why the she distances herself from the hero when he offers to become her patron. The hero was an idiot in this sense because he scolded the madame for calling the heroine prostitute but realized his own mistake in offering to be her patron. Then the heroine finds out the hero's true identity is a Count with the rumor that he's marrying her snobby cousin. Later, the madame pressures the heroine to attend her cousin's engagement, which she complies. Yet, the maid who she has shown real kindness reveals the truth. The madame IS in cahoots with the evil aunt who not only want to torture and humiliate the heroine by having her attend this party, but also conspired to turn her into a prostitute, instructing the madame to seduce the heroine's father. The heroine still decides to go in order to hold her head high. Suddenly, she sees pebbles being thrown at her window and she opens it. It's the hero who encourages her to jump into his arms. He whisks her off quickly to the ball where his engagement is to be announced. Once, they're at his mansion, he proposes to the heroine and clears the misunderstanding with the cousin. He reveals she has no debts at all along with evidence that proves her Aunt, the madame, and cousin for fraud plus the possibility they may have murdered her father. The heroine asks if she wants to arrest them; thereby ruin their reputation as they attempted to do to her but she says no. She says revenge won't do anything and she's already very happy. The hero and his friend agree to her decision. Next, they set the stage of announcing the hero's fiancée with the snobby cousin's "friends" clamoring around her. Then in comes the humiliation for Aunt and Cousin when the hero announces the heroine as his fiancée. They make a mad dash for the door and are probably never seen again. During their escapade, the hero and heroine dance the night away and it's a happy ending.

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