The King of Amber and Necklaces

The King of Amber and Necklaces

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The King of Amber and Necklaces

Marriage of convenience with a king. But…who is my husband…?

Amber, a daughter of a marquis in England, becomes a bride of King Stipe of Bernshtein, a small, beautiful country. But she can’t stop herself from getting attracted to a black-haired, dignified knight, Kostia. She moved to Bernshtein to support the country… She gets filled with a sense of guilt. But there’s a surprising secret between Stipe and Kostia! 

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Wasn’t overly impressed 2  2

SPOILER ALERT: I read this a week ago and got sick, so I’m writing this without being able to confirm details (it was a monthly and I’m glad it’s not staying on my shelf). Basically we have a Royal bride going to marry the king she’s never met... standard political marriage. Instead of the king, she is greeted by his right-hand knight and is also told he will be her personal bodyguard. Needless to say there is an unspoken attraction, but he stays aloof. The king is pleasant and friendly, marriage goes of without complications. They make a pretty couple, both blond and fair. Nights start the mystery. They come with conditions. One candle in the bedroom and it gets blown out as he comes in. He leaves before she wakes, and on his pillow he leaves her an exquisite amber necklace. This was one aspect I appreciated. When most think of amber, they probably think of the clear golden amber like in the movie Jurassic Park, but there are actually several kinds and colors, and the author opens your eyes to that a bit. Now, strangely, when she wears these gifts, people seem surprised and the king never comments. A few days into this she wants to go riding and her knight takes her, and is consequently injured saving her from a pack of wolves who attacked her horse. Strangely, the king doesn’t come to her that night. Is he mad at her for getting his knight injured? Nobody is talking. Few nights later, the king does come, the candle is put out, but it’s a full moon and she realizes it’s not the king. It’s... yep... you guessed it. The knight. Turns out the king has no interest in ladies so he appointed a stand-in... a black haired stand-in. Imagine the state of the court in 10 months or so when our royal blond couple has a dark haired child. I’m not sure what the king was thinking, but all’s well that ends well. Miraculously the knight turns out to be a bastard child of the previous king and the amber necklaces were proof, given to his mother by said king, so the current king steps down to join a religious order and the knight steps up to take the throne. Think there must have been an annulment and new marriage in there but I honestly don’t remember, just that it ends with everybody is happy, especially our couple. Somehow, I can’t really imagine such a smooth transition of power, but whom am I to say. That’s the tale. The art wasn’t bad, and it was worth reading once for that, but the story just lacked some snap and logic in my opinion and the whole royally sanctioned secret adultery on an ignorant bride didn’t sit well with me, especially considering the potential long term consequences.

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