A Marriage Of Convenience

A Marriage Of Convenience

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A Marriage Of Convenience

She’s always dreamed about having a happy marriage. Now she’s a queen and a wife - but in name only…

Dreaming about having a happy marriage, Princess Harriet marries the newly crowned King Albert of the neighboring kingdom of Buwadith. But she learns on arrival that King Albert has a mistress and is treating her coldly as he tells her that he’s only marrying her to produce an heir…

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3.5 Realistic & Decent, not entirely loving it. 4  4

This harlequin by Yukako Saejima was pretty nice historical fantasy; although, it had some things I wasn’t too fond of like a jerky hero and his mistress. Now, the hero has been made King after the untimely death of his father and stepmother. This means his engagement to the heroine, a princess to a poor neighboring country has changed to tying the knot immediately. The heroine and her family are reluctant to let her go but she heads off with a strong heart. She’s not expecting love at first, merely some form of respect. Yet, the hero is a cold-stone jerk to her for at least 50 pages of the story. He doesn’t welcome her when she first arrives and their first meeting is him telling her the rules: 1) he’ll never love her, 2) Her only usefulness is to bear an heir, 3) he lets his mistress introduce herself (more like stake a claim), and 4) she’ll be continually watched. The mistress goes all out to demean the heroine but the heroine shows her up at her wedding when she dons a fashionable gown. The only person who seems to show her any manners is the hero’s half-brother. She learns from him of the internal struggle, like how since his mother married/led the hero’s father into living a luxurious life far beyond their means. He also adds the multiple assassinations on both hero and brother as a result of their supporters. Once the hero and heroine are alone on their wedding night, the heroine confronts him on his unwillingness to love and he states he won’t love since it was love that drove his father to become a foolish king. A foolish King who brought disaster on his own kingdom. After that, he leaves and when morning comes, his mistress personally visits the heroine to brag about how the hero visited her on their wedding night. I liked how the heroine held her resolve from rejecting the hero’s gifts, based on his perceived notions she’s a woman moved by jewelry and clothes. She tells him the money spent for those things should be used for the kingdom. Then she interacts with every servant, earning their respect and admiration. The heroine slowly chips away at his wall till an epidemic gets things rolling. One of the servants gets sick and the heroine shuts herself in to nurse the woman back to health. It really sends our cold guy into a panic. He tries to get the heroine to leave but she refuses his command. She assures him everything will be fine and a week later, both servant and heroine are okay. The hero takes her back to the bedroom for their first “activity”. Things go well till the mistress comes with the news she’s pregnant. She tells the hero who plans to keep it a secret but the heroine overhears the whole thing. The brother attempts to “comfort” her but she rejects his advances. Suddenly, the hero survives a failed assassination attempt and the evidence points to the heroine. However, the hero states he believes she’s innocence. They dig deeper and find the true culprit is the brother. The brother admits it because he felt he was the better option to be (even talked about how it was his mother’s wish) and got the mistress to lie about being pregnant and tried to seduce the heroine. The brother is imprisoned and the mistress leaves the castle of her own accord. Later, the hero gets down on one knee, apologizing wholeheartedly for everything. We have a little confession scene and it ends happily.

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