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UPDATE : December 25th, 2015


UPDATE : December 4th, 2015

Royally Bedded, Regally Wedded

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Everything seemed to be going well for Natalie and Michael as they worked alongside one another at Worlds Together as nurse and doctor. But when Natalie decides to go back to London to help run her father’s medical business, Michael lets her go. Later he comes back to recruit her amazing nursing skills, but Natalie is saddened that Michael only seems interested in her healing touch rather than her as a woman. And even when sparks start to fly again, Michael keeps himself from letting things go too far due to the events in his past. Will Natalie settle for just being Michael’s nurse? Or will she force her way into his heart?


Jordan Brodie: handsome, fun-loving, recently deceased. His former fiancée, Laura Parkerson, is tasked with trying to sell off his paintings in her gallery, but Jordan's twin brother has other ideas, and as the executor of Jordan’s will, he has a bit of say. Laura's pulled between his demands and those of his mother. She's too wrapped up in this family’s arguments—does mother know best, or will her late fiancé’s doppelganger swing matters his way?


Rowena is a dutiful wife to Phil and a lovely mother to three kids. But her beautiful life quickly comes crashing down when Phil runs off with Adrianna, a secretary at the company he works for. When Rowena demands to meet her at work, she encounters Kier Delahunty, head of the company and a fling of hers from a decade ago. Does Rowena still want to fight for Phil's affection, or is Kier the one who can complete her family?

Royally Bedded, Regally Wedded

Lizzy has taken second place to her beautiful sister, Maria, for too long. One day, Maria dies in a traffic accident and Lizzy decides to adopt her sister's orphaned son, Ben, whose father is unknown. Since then, she has been living a happy life as a single mother. But one day Prince Enrico comes to claim Ben, saying his deceased brother is Ben's father. Ben is the only heir to the throne of his principality. "I have nothing to live for but Ben!" Lizzy firmly refuses Prince Enrico's claim....

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